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Old 08-29-2012, 09:11 PM
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Thumbs down In ICU with Dad...

While I was at work yesterday, my dad called me at lunch and told me he needed me to come take him to the hospital immediately. He had been going through severe abdominal pain on and off for three weeks apparently (I didn't know this), and had been having issues controlling his bladder. He had lost a ton of weight and was so weak I had to wheel him into the ER in a chair.

They discovered his potassium was dangerously low and his blood sugar was 306. When they did a c/t scan they discovered that his bladder was EXTREMELY enlarged, but he didn't feel like he needed to pee. They catheterized him and got a liter of urine out almost immediately. Apparently his urine was backing up into his kidneys due to an obstruction and that was the cause of the pain.

They admitted him and sent him to the ICU to stabilize his potassium levels and make sure his heart was not damaged, as he had two abnormal EKGs. They also discovered he had diabetes. The urologist thinks the issue is a very enlarged prostate so they are going to put him on meds and see how that works. If it doesn't they are likely going to do surgery.

My aunt says that he has ruined his mattress and that the house is filthy. He is out of work right now so it seems that I will be buying him a new mattress, but I am trying to find a delicate way to bring it up. My aunt wants to come up and stay (she lives 3 hours away), but can't stay at his house without a new matress and claims that the house needs to be cleaned by a service. I know I certainly don't have time to clean it between going to work and coming up to the hospital, taking care of dads bills, etc. My aunt can't stay at my house because she is literally allergic to every animal I own, and even if she weren't she goes nowhere without her Maltese who I really doubt Sally would tolerate.

Plus, dad has no health insurance, so that's awesome *sigh*. I was very certain not to sign ANYTHING because I CANNOT afford to be held responsible for this bill, which I'm sure will be massive.

As of right now dad's potassium is still too low and they are having some trouble getting it where it should be. His urine looks like red Kool-Aid, which is super creepy but the nurse assures me it is to be expected considering his circumstances. The worst thing now is that he is having severe bladder spasms, and he is in excruciating pain when they happen and there's nothing that can be done as they are already giving him powerful pain meds.

So I'm laying here now next to his bed in the hospital recliner in the dark while he sleeps. I was crying in bed last night and Jack, who normally sleeps at the foot of the bed scooted up and snuggled next to me. One thing I love about him is that he is a very sensitive dog and fusses over me if I cry.

So, if anyone has spare vibes or prayers for my dad, that would he awesome and very appreciated. And if you read all of this you get cherry hospital Jello with whipped cream on top.....

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