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Old 08-28-2012, 03:44 PM
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First the crate is entirely too large for him. A crate should feel like a "den" of sorts. Cozy and comfortable. His crate should be big enough to stand turn around and lay down with just some leg room.

He should just have a small blanket, towel or pillow case in there to sleep on at night. The toys and such are a distraction more or less inviting him to "play" at night when he should be sleeping. I also say one beeding item, as if there are more, it will invite the pup to pee or poo on it. He can deficate on it and push it to the side and sleep on the clean one. If there is only one blanket to sleep on it will discourage him from messing it up because he will not want to lay on it. This is also another reason as to why the crate shouldnt be too big.

I have crate trained MANY dogs in my life. And it has always worked out for the best, that a new dog in training's crate should be kept in another room at night. The most recent dog I have trained is Zeus, I trained him for my son. He I swear has ADHD so he was a challenge but was successful very fast.

His first whine was met with a trip potty, then back in the crate. If he continued, I KNEW he didnt have to go again that quickly so I gave him an hour, then took him out again. It is frustrating for about a week, maybe two, depending on stubborness...but if you KNOW he has NOT got to REALLY potty, he WILL eventually stop crying. I promise He will test you, and try to trick you......but if you pay attention you will be a step ahead.

I got Zeus at 6 weeks old and he was completly crate trained by4 months. He eats in his crate. Sleeps, Time out. His crate is HIS haven for everything. Now he even goes in there by himself about 9pm every evening

Good luck. I promise it will work.
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