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Old 08-26-2012, 07:46 AM
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This stuff is intriguing to me.

I'll tell a story that I've really only told Renee at this point. I still don't know what to make of it.

Quite a few months back I was walking the dogs. This lady was watching me walk them and as I passed her she said that she just spoke with Bamm and that he had told her some horrendous things about his first home and that I was wonderful for adopting him. Alright... I had him in a muzzle so maybe she was going off that? But then she brought up my marriage stress. Josh and I had been fighting SO much at that point.

Then she says, "you see ghosts yes? Yes I'm seeing that in my mind right now. You see ghosts. So many people don't believe paranormal beings exist you know? But you are sensitive to the paranormal and see ghosts and know it is real"

I was confused and a little dumbfounded at this point. She then continued to say that I have a strong intuitive connection with animals and that if I would be willing to open my mind up to that possibility I could unlock that gift.

I said, "well it was nice meeting you but I have to go" and proceeded to try and walk away quickly.

As I walked away she said, "Open your mind up Amber. Don't let peoples' influence sway you from unlocking this gift. There are animals that depend on it." I had never told her my name. I had never seen this woman before ever!

I turned around and there was no one there. It was freaky because she couldn't have disappeared so fast. I practically ran home.

I didn't know who to talk to about it and I was completely weirded out so I told Renee what had happened.
Fast forward a few months later after I got Joey. I had Joey with me at work, but I had to crate him in the other room. Anytime I had to walk into that room he would start crying loudly when I walked out. Finally I sat down and tried to picture him lying calmly in his crate. I walked into the room he was in and he started dancing in the crate thinking I was coming to get him. When I left the room he started crying loudly again so I pictured him lying calmly again and tried to focus on that image hard. He stopped crying immediately. When i went back in he was laying calmly in his crate. Later on in the day the same thing happened. He would freak out but as soon as I would picture him calm in the crate he would calm down right away. I'm not sure if that's coincidence or if I may have actually been tapping into something of that animal communication realm. I'm still not sure how I feel about animal communicators.

The one thing that lady said though was that I can see ghosts and so many people don't believe ghosts exist. I've seen them with my own two eyes more often than I can count. People say animal communication doesn't exist. What if its just another one of those things where until you witness true proof that it does exist then its hard to believe in the possibility?

Now that I think back. I have memories from when I was a kid. I used to talk a lot with a cat we had named Lucky. She would talk back a lot as well. My sister used to make fun of me for thinking the cat and I could talk to each other. My whole adult life I've laughed at that memory saying I had a wild imagination as a kid.
Joey- Ibizan Hound
Cricket- Mexican Street dog (we think Xolo mix)
Bamm- BC mix
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