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Old 08-16-2012, 09:04 PM
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Default Better job vibes!

It's been such a 'fun' week.

My regular job - it's ok, but sometimes there's stress, but oh well. I can deal with it.

My 'other' job was supposed be half of the groundskeeping with the local ag board. Fine. I 'started' a month ago on that. I say 'started' because that's when I was told I had the job. I was also told that this lady would train me and I'd do half with her, and we'd split it up between each other.

The short story is she never has trained me yet, other than she got into trouble today (after attempting to toss me under the bus claiming I am not doing my job, again not trained on what to do yet) for not getting me trained. She asked me to come to her place during the day today but I couldn't, I traded babysitting hours and had five kids here.

And had an interview with her and the other board members tonight on the janitorial job tonight.....

So she sent this rather catty 'schedule' with comments like 'the benches etc. need to be weeded before the tournament but seeing as there is no time to do it, we will just look like we are a community that doesn't care' and 'this is not a sit back and wait sort of position, it is expected that work gets done' and so on. She said she would make it clear that I am to do the chalk lines during the tournaments as this was something I could handle. For the record, I did the chalk lines for the one tournament, and had help, but did not know I had help till he arrived - she never told me what time the kid was coming to help, and even had someone phone him to change the time, but did NOT call me to tell me any of this. Oh and I should mention I still have no idea, after asking many, many times, WHEN the tournament weekends are that I need to be doing the chalk lines.

Anyhow after that arrived, I took a deep breath, wrote a very short 'no longer interested in either position, but thank you' email (two lines) and sent it to them all. My DH is on the board and I think is a bit annoyed that it didn't work out but I think from the start she was trying to make me look bad. She did the same with the last person, saying 'she didn't do this right, didn't do that right' but had she explained what to do it wouldn't be an issue (she wanted her to drag the shale 5-6 times to get rid of all the weeds but didn't explain that, so it wasn't done enough and there are a ton of weeds, and that's the other person's fault for not knowing any better)....

Now to apply for some other jobs that are more sane and calm....
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Old 08-16-2012, 09:36 PM
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Ugh. That sounds like a major drag. You are well shod of it, that's for sure. Who wants to deal with that crap all the time? Hopefully something great will turn up soon
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