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Old 08-16-2012, 08:32 PM
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Smile New discovery for Chulita's happiness

A while ago I posted a thread about Chulita and how she doesn't even want to go for walks anymore because of her blindness in one it affects her depth perception and how she shies at everything that moves and even things that don't move. She's better in the yard than on walks, but still...things spook her., on my way home from Seattle, I stopped at Lowes to pick up a filter for my fridge and a bottle of mildew stuff for my flowers and I couldn't leave the dogs in the car. I'm super paranoid about leaving dogs in cars in the heat, regardless about windows being opened or shady spots etc. Sooooo, I took the dogs into the store and made sure it was okay with the checker.

She and Jose` trotted in exuberantly. She wagged her tail and trotted along out in front of me...and wanted to chit chat with people. SHE HAD A BALL. And she wasn't afraid of anything. They liked the cool, concrete floors, the people, looking at all the products for gardening and thought it was the most fun they'd had in a long time.

So, it seems novel places, maybe indoor particularly, tickle her fancy. So, maybe that's the kind of place to take Chulita for a walk and some fun. Weird dog...I can't quite make out why she would be 180 degrees opposite from how she acts trying to take a walk along the side walk. One thing...there isn't any wind blowing grass blades or leaves on bushes, making shadows. I think shadows are the worst culprit. She's even better in the yard when it's all shade. So, I'll just have to take her from time to time to one of these big hardware stores...Lowes, Home Depot, places like that.
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