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Old 08-15-2012, 02:04 PM
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In the LDS church, every single divorce must be spiritually "annulled" so that the people involved can remarry in the temple regardless of whether the man or woman initiated it. This is done by the first presidency themselves at request of the person who want it done. The same thing for getting a temple recommend after a divorce.

The reason for that is not to control anybody. It's because divorce is often precluded by some major transgression on the part of one or both persons that prevents them from being templeworthy (like spouse abuse, adultery, etc.) so the first presidency looks over the case to make sure they aren't giving out temple reccommends to people who haven't kept their covenants.

Also, they go over things to make sure the person getting married isn't getting sealed to someone they had an adulterous relationship with during the previous marriage, since that's absolutely inappropriate.

This all applies equally to both genders.

Nicole, I believe you. And I believe that you experienced horrific abuse by evil people who saw the church as an opportunity to get close to and groom their victims. Unfortunately, it's something that happens in every organization where adults are put in a position to mentor children or other vulnerable people. Those predators are drawn to it. They don't represent the beliefs or ideals of the organization by any means. I'm so sorry that you had to go through it.

Didn't you tell me that bishop (or was it your awful teacher?) got excommunicated? I can't remember now.

Also, BC is totally allowed. It's just abortion that is considered murder. My SIL is an active member of the LDS church. She was raped and took a morning after pill. The bishop had absolutely no problem with it. Even abortion isn't totally black and white, and victims of rape and incest are encouraged to counsel with their bishops who are in the position to get them into free professional counseling.

It doesn't function perfectly, because that would require the people that make the church up to be perfect people. And we're not. We're just regular laymen, regular people who are trying to be good people.
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