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Old 08-12-2012, 10:24 PM
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Originally Posted by CrazyDogLady View Post
How hardy are they? My two play pretty rough sometimes, and I know they are built a lot thicker then a Beezer. Also, we get pretty cold winters sometimes, will they need a coat of some kind when they are outside? And from what I've read they are pretty dog/people friendly, but can be sort of aloof with strangers. To what extent are they aloof? I have a cat, do you think if raised with a variety of animals and given a good outlet for their prey drive they will be ok with them? I ask because my Carolina dog is the WORST when it comes to chasing/killing squirrels and birds, but is totally reliable when left with baby kittens/ferrets/etc. She has excepted them as "pack members" of sorts. Granted, it took a LOT of training, but the result was well worth it.
They are pretty hardy dogs, Courtney keeps up with my pack well. I would suggest a good coat, and your future breeder actually makes them I have a couple from them, very nice coats!
The aloofness varies dog to dog, Courtney will meet/greet, but then its all about me, she's friendly, but other ppl just don't really matter to her, and thats how it is with most I've met. And most i've met, including Courtney LOVE kids, they seem to attract to them.
I know alot of ppl that have small dogs/cats around them. Courtney can't be around small dogs or cats, but she is a rescue, and was not raised as a house dog around small animals.My breeder has a few cats, and your future breeders have cats and IG's.
So since you get to start young, I doubt you'll have any problems
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