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Old 08-11-2012, 07:22 PM
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Default Anybody want a Pittie?

About a week ago we had an emergency case run through our door late afternoon. Two and a half year old male Pit Bull was left outside for a few hours and was in serious heat trouble. He was doing his best to move and walk, but kept collapsing. Gums brick red, going in to shock...he was almost gone. We worked on him and got his temperature down, but then it dropped too low. We worked all afternoon to try to get his temperature to stabilize. His owner said he had to go to the bank to get money for the treatment...and then never came back. We've talked with him on numerous occasions and came up with a payment plan so he could have every opportunity to get his dog back, but he still has not come in for him. We called him Friday morning and told him if the dog wasn't picked up by Monday we would be considering him abandoned...didn't hear anything from him for the rest of the day Friday, or today.

So....Hootch is most likely going to be looking for a home! He looks like a Pittie/Dogue mix (or just a BYB giant Pittie, but we have a lot of BYB Douges around this area, so who knows). He's probably around 70-80 pounds, three years old, neutered, big ol blocky head, slight red brindling in his coat, and the biggest goob smile you've ever seen. He's a bit chunky and has no muscle tone, but with some proper nutrition and exercise he'll be a gorgeous boy. He LOVES people and just turns into a big wiggling physical ball of mush when you talk to him and pet him. He does great in the crate at work and potties when you take him outside. No food aggression and although he's wiggly for handling, he shows no aggression whatsoever. He let us do all emergency treatment on him without even a blink. And he lets you cram pills down his throat without any issues. lol
He barks and postures at strange people when he's in his cage and they walk into the room, so he's a good watch dog, although he's all talk and wouldn't ever aggress at someone. He does the same thing when dogs walk by his cage, and I can't tell if it is territorial or if he's actually DA. When he's out on a leash and walking by other dogs on a leash he ignores them and doesn't actively try to eat them, so...who knows.
He knows sit and kind of knows down. Pulls on a leash, but not too bad. Very treat motivated, unsure about toys at this point.

He'd be coming home with me for keeps if I knew he would be dog safe, but I don't know if I feel comfortable trying to introduce him to the small dogs without knowing how he is going to react. If his owner doesn't pick him up Monday and the rescue we work with doesn't have a foster available for him/we can't find an adoptive home right off the bat, I might still see about fostering him since I currently have no other animals living with me...but we'll see.

No pictures currently, and I don't really have a way to upload them as I'm currently without internet at my place...but if I can figure out a way to get some uploaded, I'll try!

If he does end up needing a foster, what would be the best way to see how he interacts with other dogs without endangering anybody? I'm assuming an on leash greeting would be best, and just watch for body language red flags?
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Old 08-12-2012, 09:25 AM
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Hopefully someone else can chime in to answer your questions, but he sounds like a sweetheart and I hope you can get pics up!
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