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Old 08-10-2012, 10:20 PM
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Default The Plants Want Me Dead

So I'm basically allergic to everything: Penicillin, watermelon, gold, Neosporin, Scrubbing Bubbles (yes, even the cute, anthropomorphic bubbles!)...and just about every plant in existence.

Well yesterday I was tracking one of our fox kits into the woods and I came upon my neighbor's very unfriendly Cane Corso, who decided that he would be much happier if I vacated the area post haste. He is a little faster than me, and tends to back up his opinions quite well, so I hopped up into a tree. I wasn't there for long, but I got absolutely covered in tree sap. It's black and sticky...mostly just gross but very determined to stick to every exposed bit of skin. I went home and took a shower, hoping to get the grimy stuff off...but it was a no-go. Nope. That sap wasn't going anywhere. I figured it didn't matter much, since I wasn't doing anything important today.

Oh. My. Gosh.

Whatever kind of sap this is has actually eaten through the top layer of my skin. I must be allergic to it (OR it's just evil person-eating black sludge of doom). My legs and shoulders are covered in holes, and one spot just above my collarbone is actually burned into the muscle layer. It itches. It burns. And it's gross and oozing and awful and really swollen. I took pictures (which I promise to keep to myself out of consideration for you all).

I have scrubbed myself head-to-toe with a horse brush and Technu and whatever else I could think of. The spot on my chest/collarbone is already infected and ridiculous-looking.


Meanwhile, any ideas to get it to stop itching? Itching = scratching = bleeding = more itching and apparent spreading of the giant holes in my skin....
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