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Old 08-08-2012, 02:13 AM
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Default Have to vent!

On one of the facebook pages today. Venting here so I don't blow up there. Hope that's ok.

Anyway it started off with a 'I'm sorry if my dog is barking, I live at..... and I hear some of my neighbors are upset that our dog has been barking quite a bit lately, next time come and talk to me and you'd know why'...

Why? Because their other dog died. So the one dog is apparently lonely outside, so everyone should understand he's barking and let him bark.

Why did the other dog die? Well it was a 'loved family member' but lived in the backyard, they noticed he was 'tired' and then one morning was really sick, the other dog was scratching at the door and they looked and realized the dog was almost dead and rushed him to the vet to be put down.

Ok really?

First of all, this is not a warm climate, yes it's summer, but it's been HOT out. As in at the kennel I work at we bring all the dogs in for the hot part of the day, hose everything down and put out fresh cold water and then let everyone back outside - and there's lots of shade. In the winter it is too cold too for most breeds unless you have a pretty darn good doghouse. The area these people live in is not a cheap area, it's a nice suburb so they'd have to have some money and a house and more than likely at least a garage for the dogs if nothing else.

Second, if they are loved family members why do they live as lawn ornaments 24/7? I don't get that, sorry, let the dogs come hang out if they mean that much to you. Does Uncle Joe get a shed in the backyard to live in? Grandma get a cup of water in the yard? UGH!!!

Third, I don't care what the reasoning is, you have neighbors, don't let your now lonely sad single lawn ornament dog bark 24/7 and get annoyed when people get mad because he's 'sad his friend is gone'....

Yeesh! Boggles the mind!
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