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Old 08-07-2012, 11:56 PM
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Default The screaming

Mia was doing a lot better about her tendency to shriek when I let her outside since I moved. It seemed to be tied to a specific tree in my dad's yard that often has squirrels in it. She would still scream at my dad's house when we let her outside but wouldn't here.

Well, a few weeks ago there was a squirrel in our tree in our yard. Since then, the shrieking is back. She SCREAMS out the door, runs to the tree and starts biting the tree. Same thing she did to the other 'squirrel tree'.

Tonight was particularly embarrassing because my neighbors behind me were having a party and I let the dogs out and Mia was the loudest she'd ever been. It doesn't last long, just a few seconds but of course I hear people going, 'what the **** is that noise?' 'Oh my god, that's awful!' I'm trying to apologize over the fence and at the same time tell Mia to shut it.

Bottom line is out at my dad's it wasn't a big deal because of the lack of neighbors but now it is.

I've tried a few things. 1. Restrain her physically until she's outside then put her down and hope she forgets to go attack the tree. that doesn't work, just riles her up more.

2. Train her to not go out the door before me. Doesn't work, because asking for a stay from Mia guarantees you'll end up with a shrieking fool once she's released. Once again seems to amp her up more.

3. Wait inside till she's calm to let her out. She frustrates and amps up more often than not. I think this might work if it's done a little more systematically but it is HARD to follow through sometimes because waiting her out usually makes it worse before it gets better.

She's just not a very calm thinking dog when she's worked up. And she works up at the drop of a hat. I swear if she sees something little and fuzzy ONCE somewhere, she never forgets. She still will go screaming to the spare room and go to scratching the walls if you say the word 'mouse'. She's seen a mouse ONCE. I said the word a couple times while on the phone during the mouse episode.

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