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Old 08-02-2012, 06:11 PM
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Mia was supposed to be a border collie puppy. I decided to get a papillon puppy instead for a few reasons. 1) At the time I was moving around a lot and renting apartments. Mia was more portable and I had a lot more rental options. 2) Mia and Summer are the same size and I do think that is MUCH easier to handle. You can handle multiple sizes but I love that mine can play and I don't have to worry. 3) Summer is a little DR and she gets on better with puppies than adults. Adding Mia was a breeze and she's the best dog I've ever owned. My dogs get along great and are easy to take places together. It all worked out perfectly.

My next dog will be bigger and a puppy. I'm settled into a place and job I can see myself in for a long time. I have a yard now. I'm not moving although I am saving for a house. I have two good training places I'm already established with and already know what classes the pup will take. I finally have enough income to comfortably take a bunch of classes and get a dog walker and not feel crunched. since getting into dogsports there's things I want to try with a bigger dog now. I also want a puppy I can implement all the new sports training knowledge I now have on. I'm super excited about that. Raising Mia was a blast and I love molding an eager and bright little pup into a good dog.

I never want a BIG dog. Medium (bc/aussie sized) is as big as I will ever go. not a good fit for what I want to do and just not many big breeds that really interest me.
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Old 08-02-2012, 06:22 PM
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At this point in my life I would be interested in a small-medium, young adult dog. 15-40 pounds and between 10 months-1.5 years. I DO NOT like potty training at ALL!
I also like that you can already ascertain their personality and behavior, whereas a puppy (especially from a byb) could end up being a total psycho.
I got Ruby when she was 4.5 months old and she does have some fear/insecurity issues due to not being socialized. She also suffers from mild S.A. We love her to death though... she is fantastic in every other way and just LOVES our kids!
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Old 08-02-2012, 08:01 PM
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For me personally, it's pretty much puppies without a second thought. And young puppies. I don't see myself seeking out an older puppy or adult and if I were to become interested in one, it would have to be a dog I knew was raised in a similar way to my own dogs. And even then, bringing an adult dog into my current group would be much more difficult then bringing a puppy in so it would have to be the absolute right dog. I find myself wishing I could have gotten the Brown Stick Puppy a month or so sooner, I think it would have made a world of difference with him.

I like medium sized dogs best, anywhere between 25-50ish lbs is about perfect, although a bit more or less would be ok too. My current dogs range from 26 - 54 lbs I think.
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Old 08-02-2012, 08:13 PM
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You should keep Brown Stick Puppy!!!!!!!

Mia CGC - (5 year old papillon)
Summer TG3 TBAD - (10 year old papillon)
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Old 08-02-2012, 09:46 PM
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I struggle with this sometimes too, mostly because puppies take TIME and if I'm working, I don't know that I'll want to give them that time. But I do love training puppies. I love how enthusiastic they are, what sponges they are, and I don't get frustrated with puppies like I do with adults that don't "get it." I'm on extreme ends of the spectrum - I either want a breeder puppy, or to adopt a senior. LOL adopting a young adult does not appeal to me unless it's the PERFECT dog for me.

It's a fun process for me too - I made mistakes raising Lucy. I didn't make those mistakes with Juno, but I made different mistakes. And I'm curious to see what I would do with another puppy; what new mistakes would I make?

Size is easy for me. I like medium sized dogs, can't imagine wanting small dogs until I'm an old lady. I think Juno is the perfect size (50lbs), I would go slightly smaller but not much.
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Old 08-05-2012, 02:18 AM
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Default Choose a Breed Based on Your Space, Time and Energy Limitations

I can certainly sympathize with the difficulty of making your decision. Deciding between different breeds or types of dogs can be incredibly difficult. I think the best way to approach this decision may be to think about the types of breeds and what each one needs. A big breed such as a German shepherd would probably not be a wise choice for an apartment dweller in the middle of a city.

Also consider if you want to have a working dog that will need a fair amount of exercise each day. After coming home, you might not feel like taking him out for a run, at the end of every day.
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Old 08-05-2012, 09:39 AM
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Which 4 Breeds are you considering?? Inquiring minds and all...

I think your reasons for not adding a larger dog sound really valid, although I completely understand wanting a bigger one! When I lived with my parents we added Missy (GSD) and she was Perfect! She was an adult rescue, and I wouldn't have had that any other way. Her temperament was stable, she was easily trained, and fit in perfectly with everyone in the family. She was (and still is) my heart dog.
But you're right, she wasn't as portable as Maddie, and she wasn't welcome everywhere like Maddie was just because of her size (and her shedding lol) like to friends/family's houses and such. But depending on where you're thinking about going, something a tad bigger than Jackson would still be portable. Which is okay, but she just had to stay home more than Maddie did.
Bailey is taller and "bigger" than Maddie, though they both weigh about the same. Maddie is 21lbs and Bailey was around 25lbs when I took her to the vet last but she was getting a little heavy and I think she is down more with all the exercise this summer... but anyways... I believe they're both bigger than Jackson, but still totally portable. Plus, cost of food and stuff like that is less than a bigger dog

puppy vs. adult is really personal preference. I am not much of a puppy person myself, I mean, I LOVE puppies, but I never have much of a desire to raise one again. Maddie was my last puppy and we're going on 10 years ago of course, I puppy-sit occasionally, and its just enough of a reminder to bring me back down to reality lol. Puppies are A LOT of work... house training (main one right there lol) and the stuff I haven't had to worry about in years like mouthing/chewing, socializing from scratch, even stuff like leash training, puppy $hots, etc lol

I was on a puppy list for a sheltie breeder (still technically am). It was hard to get on the list, and now wait wait wait. Of course, in the mean time I got Bailey, which I don't regret for a second and she is absolutely the dog I needed (not necessarily the perfect dog I "wanted" at the time, but I was wrong!) and if/when a litter comes around, I have to do some serious consideration on my part. I love the idea of a puppy, but to be honest, if I would've gotten a puppy instead around the time I got Bailey, it wouldn't have been good... because my hours changed at work to where I could not take a lunch break to let them out, and then I moved, and it would have been really hard on a young pup. The adult dogs adapted fine, though. Plus I got to train/play with Bailey in classes that I've always wanted to do without waiting for bones to grow. RallyO, Agility, I LOVE that she runs with me on the bike, hiking, the lake, treibball .... but anyways...

If it were me, and I was wanting to add a bigger dog and I already had a smaller dog, I would absolutely go with an adult. Because like you said, with an adult dog, normally what you see is what you get. Their personality is already set, you'll know if they're good around smaller dogs, and any potential problems depending on where they come from, of course. But, that's just me

Now if you like raising a puppy and molding a puppy, than I say go for it! And take lots of pictures because when you look back, it goes by so fast!
But if you go for an adult, you don't have to wait for them to have all of their shots to start socializing and training. If your patient, you can absolutely find the perfect fit for you.

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Old 08-05-2012, 01:04 PM
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Originally Posted by Brattina88 View Post
Which 4 Breeds are you considering?? Inquiring minds and all...
A Silky Terrier, a Papillon, or an English Shepherd or Border Collie. I guess sort of 5 because I've really been looking at Border Terriers too, but I don't know if I could get used to the wiry hair that has to be stripped- I def prefer softer hair.

Basically, I just know I want to add a second dog, but I really don't want to wait a whole lot longer, and if my second dog were going to be a breed like a BC or an ES, it would definitely be wise of me to wait a lot longer.

I know within a year I'll be renting. I am almost sure of it. There's these new apartments being built that are starting in January and the price is pretty good for this area, so I was looking into being put on a waiting list, my dad is going to help me out. I know it's going to be pet friendly, but they weren't sure on the size limit yet. So yeah I dunno, I kinda am just getting impatient and Jackson is going to be 4 in October (which is obviously not OLD) but I did not want to wait a whole lot longer to add another.

So I'm not sure if I should branch out or not. I'm really comfortable with Jackson, and he's honestly the perfect dog for me, and I think I want another like him (hence why I was interested in Silky Terriers) but then I don't wanna get stuck on one breed either and now is the PERFECT time in my life to have a high energy breed like a border collie. But gahhh I don't know.

Maybe I should just plan on my second dog being a smaller breed and then even a few more years down the road have a BC or some kind of "bigger" dog as a third.


I don't know. I must say I really appreciate the easiness of a smaller dog whenever I dogsit for someone else and am reminded of how easy it is.

Brit & Jackson

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Old 08-05-2012, 01:47 PM
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Totally no input to this thread at all....

But you need a Cooper. I will box him up and ship him to you and just tell Mike he ran away. Seriously, though...I really wish Mike wasn't hell bent on keeping them both. I like them as dogs, but I would be just as happy to see them in loving homes that weren't ours.

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Old 08-05-2012, 03:00 PM
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I prefer medium/larger dogs. (abover 45ish lbs). I'm fine with both adults or puppies. I don't particularly LOVE the puppy stage, but it's not horrible. Except Chow puppies....I love them.

While we've adopted adult dogs in the past, we'll probably stick with puppies from now on, just because we have a child. Yes, I do believe that adult dogs can (and do!) adopt into homes with kids just fine, I'm personally more comfy with a puppy.

There could always be a special case one day, though.
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