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Old 08-03-2012, 09:59 PM
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I do see why this would be a stress factor. However, Katie, could I be super honest? I think you might be letting the fear take a hold it shouldn't have. Coming from one young, male, BC owner to another. . .they do stupid stuff. Gosh, Blaze scrapped his leg up pretty nasty. Week later, it's looking great, fur is starting to grow back. Today, I see another scrap starting again. Right above the other. SERIOUSLY?! I just finish nursing one scrap back, and now he gets another one? It's just....yeah. As silly as it sounds, I've learned that owning a young, male, BC means cuts, bruises, dislocated toes, torn pads, etc. As *much* as you do to prevent these mishaps, they just happen sometimes. As aggravating as they are! A torn pad cost us some distance at the last Dock Diving event, but, well, it happens and we move on to the next competition.

I hope the above makes sense. I really do feel your pain. (((hugs))) Boy BCs are sooo not cool sometimes.

In the past if I've seen Blaze acting super stupid about something, what I've done is try to walk in through whatever "it" is sloooowly, show him how it's supposed to be done. Get him thinking about where and what he's doing. For instance, if it's jumping on something, I try to make it clear to him that when ya' jump, make sure allll legs are securely on what you're jumping to. Sort of like teaching the dogs a hand stand. They have to think about where their body is in order to succeed at the hand stand. Kind of the same thing I try to get through to Blaze when he's zooming through something really stupidly.

I guess what I'm trying to say is don't let fear stop you. Maybe that means take a little extra time to practice some body awareness on agility equipment like the dog walk or A-frame. If you see he's just not getting it with being careful on equipment, then maybe agility it's the right sport for him. Flyball is still in, and maybe you could try something new? Either way, you know what's best for him, and if he's a flyball and hiking dog, then he'll still enjoy life and enjoy the sport he's already into with you. (((hugs)))

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