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Old 08-02-2012, 11:35 AM
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Default Adult vs. puppy, big vs. small

How do you decide?!?!

I pretty much am debating between like four breeds at this point (two small, two medium-ish) but I won't be adding another for at least another year.

I'm not sure adding a larger dog (40lbs+) would be best for me at this point in my life even though I really want to have something a tad bigger (but preferably not over 50 or so pounds). I admit, I do really like the portability of Jackson, he's welcome in a lot more places (and peoples houses I visit, etc) , easy to lift up out of trouble if need be, everything in general is cheaper (food, collars, medicine, etc), not as much hair, everything is just less messy in general, etc, etc.

For those that went from small dog to big dog, or big dog to small dog, how do you decide?

Also... puppy vs. adult. That's another that I can't decide. In one way, I really really enjoy raising a dog from puppyhood, being able to sort of shape them into what I want. I also just enjoy young puppies and teaching them. But then again, in some cases, it doesn't matter what you do with a dog as a pup, they still could have an issue. With an adult dog, normally what you see is what you get. Their personality is already set in stone for the most part and you know of any potential personality quirks they may have.

Just random, but what has your experiences been?
Brit & Jackson

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