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Old 07-31-2012, 08:02 PM
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Originally Posted by meepitsmeagan View Post
I agree with everyone. Including the PPE.

However, I have some advice. If you are still in HS, which I am assuming you are... I would personally use your money towards more lessons and continue riding other people's horses. This is coming from someone who had to sell her baby because when she moved out, she couldn't afford him... And that is hard. It is like selling your son/daughter. They are expensive, just to keep fed and housed, let alone vet bills and if you are looking into jumping, there are chiro appts and massage therapy. Not to mention jumping in general, not just the shows, is pretty expensive compared to just riding around. To be competitive, you have to seriously dive into training, get quality tack, all that stuff. I know you probably realize this, but it is good to hear from someone else as well.

To me, he looks to be built like a Western horse, not an English/Jumper. horse. That doesn't mean he can't jump, or even jump well... But normally horses that excel at jumping are taller/leaner built. He just gives me the impression of Western. Hard to tell confo on the ground he is on.

Just my input. It is hard to sell a horse when you have had them for several years...
How is it built like a western horse? I have to say it would likely make it worth way more over in Ireland!! if it was lol. I think its a bit different over there. I think you need to go look at some Irish hunters if you think chunky with bone can't jump! (I am planning on breeding my tb mare to a RID stallion) Most have 10 inch cannons and can jump the moon! (not the fastest though...)

I bought my first horse in HS with no help from parents. I still have her 18 years later! It depends on how 'professional' you can be. I can sell horses to good homes and not feel like I am selling a limb or family member. If no one bought horses to bring along and sell many people wouldn't be able to find that special horse. Unlike dogs many people want a going horse...
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