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Old 07-27-2012, 10:11 PM
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Default Strider pwned this raccoon *warning, kind of gory story*

It's still hard to get an idea of scale here. The arbor it's sitting on is 4 feet wide. Strider is 31 inches at the shoulder on all fours, and here he's rearing up trying to reach it.

I snapped a picture because at first it ran up there. I figured it was just going to go back over the fence and toddle off. Then the stupid thing decided to climb down and walk along the top of the fence, so Strider yanked it off and they had an epic snarlfest.

It squeezed through the fence slats and ran behind that back board fence in the picture. Then it climbed on top of the board fence, to the neighbor's roof, and ran up a tree.

See that blue/white stripe in the background? That's their garage siding/gutter. Strider jumped on top of the 8' fence and then on the neighbor's roof. Then he did a flying leap into the air and snagged the raccoon off the tree trunk. In all, they were about 15-18 feet off the ground. They both fell back into the yard and snarled a bunch more, and the raccoon slipped through the fence slats again. This time it got away, but a neighbor found it dead the next day.

This is the first ever raccoon that managed to nick Strider's nose. He also had a mouth full of blood, so it's one of the few that he had to actually break the skin. Usually he just shakes them.

The raccoon was MASSIVE. I wish I had a good side view shot vs. its bum. It's not the largest coon I've seen, and it's the second largest Strider's tangled with, but it's pretty big. Bigger than the average coyote around here anyway. They've been trying to sneak into the yard because of the puppies, and I'm really glad he got it. He was really pleased with himself. lol

And just because he's awesome, here he his eating his birthday present. I forgot to post it earlier this month.
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