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Old 07-26-2012, 01:53 PM
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Originally Posted by monkeys23 View Post
I've always loved sled dogs. Ever since I was tiny and especially the deep sable/agouti ones with brown eyes. Low and behold what do I end up with when searching for a dog of my own?? And literally my only criteria in looking for my own dog was no pit bull because I was so heartbroken over making the decision to distance myself from my ex's dog and that whole fubared situation by getting my own dog. Not only is Lily absolutely the perfect dog for me, but getting her is probably the best decision I have ever made in my life. And I ended up with Scout ultimately because someone wanted a dog like Lily and did not heed my cautions that they aren't for everyone. I personally will never be without at least one, but it takes a special (i.e. nutty) person to click with sled dogs this much. They aren't like show bred Siberians lol. There's a girl on campus who has a gorgeous show bred R&W Sibe.... he is nowhere near as athletic and drivey as either of my girls, nor is he built anywhere near as effeciently. I'm sure he's do nice in the show ring (if not for his uber gay tail), but he is really square and upright and bulkier than my girlies and race bred Siberians such as Seppala line dogs. Its so funny too because she always has him off leash (ugh because its in town and there is no fence! Bad idea with the breed!) and he doesn't stray more than 20-30 feet from her, which to me seems very codependant compared to what my dogs do when we hike.
Pretty much all of this.

I enjoy true working dogs with the drive to do the work and the independence to work out problems on their own. I thought Sibes were the answer, but they are most definitely not. AKC conformation-bred Sibes are extremely soft compared to what they are supposed to be, and I've come to realize they don't fit their own requirements for temperament or conformation at all.

I enjoy Seppalas(real Seppalas, not the AKC fraud that so many USA breeders were part of), working bred Sibes, some Malamutes, and so on so forth. Racing bred Sibes...meh. They don't float my boat, and most are mutts anyway. Mutts with a purpose, but still mutts, and I don't understand trying to pass off mutts as an already existing breed.

The only thing I DO NOT like about the breed is the anxiety. Off leash is not an option if you truly care about the dog. I have nightmares on a weekly basis about Zander running off and I won't be able to catch him. They just are not companion animals and they often just don't care about their owners.
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