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Old 07-26-2012, 12:12 PM
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Originally Posted by Kilter View Post
The ban is actually at my work. It's a kennel, and the dogs are usually in playgroups for the day (monitored), and in suites at night. They've taken pitties before, usually without issues, but a month ago had an issue with one attacking and injuring a dog through a fence. No signs of an issue, no growling or fence fighting in the weeks before this, then a huge vet bill to repair the dog's ear. When there has been an issue it's like that. Other breeds usually have been fine, or if there's a fight, there's no blood or major damage.

With the current setup there's just too many risks even if that sort of dog was kept totally separated, there's no way to keep the dog totally isolated - when dogs are coming in and out they 'can' stick their faces in enough for another dog to snap, and feet/tails/small heads can go under the fences inside the building. The dogs are moved usually off leash to pens through a set of gates and isles, so they go past other dogs in the process.

When they expand they are going to make some more traditional style kennels for that sort of dog, but for now it's just not safe.
Sounds like a problem with your set up? I work at a kennel that does daycare style boarding (out during the day, crates at night). (I don't like it, nor do I particularly care for running dogs in groups of 20 dogs or so, FWIW, but I have so much say in how we do things and we keep our dogs safe, so... *shrug* *sigh*) I don't know what kind of fencing you have but if a dog can stick its face through it, I'd be worried. Because the fact of the matter is that even a dog you've temperament tested can get weird when you'll be boarding it for 10 days - I've seen it happen. We had dog that was staying with us for like 2 weeks because his owner had a fire. The dog was fine for the first week, and then randomly lashed out and put a hole in another dog's ear, and proceeded to attempt that behavior for the duration of his stay. Obviously he was sick of being boarded (understandable!), but the problem is that he wouldn't offer any warning before attacking, so he had to be totally isolated. And he was a Grade A mutt, very difficult to distinguish a primary breed even.

I think ANY kennel or daycare facility should have the means to keep at least one dog isolated to the point that another dog should not be able to stick face or limb into its space, in case of an emergency.

If you feel you need to ban a breed(s) for the time being before correcting the set up, then so be it, but frankly, I've seen plenty of DA mutts, and when you get one of those, you'll be back to square one. Wouldn't it be more useful to not board DA dogs? (We don't! I tell them this is not the right place for their dog and send to a place that doesn't do group play and has kennel runs with solid walls.)

I'm not trying to be nasty and I hope that comes through in the post. I work in the business and I know what it's like. We've had to kick out our fair share of bully type dogs. And I know that nobody and no place is perfect. But I really do believe that banning a breed(s) won't even be a bandaid over the real problem, which is that there's no isolation set up even for an emergency. Just IMO after having several mixes and even one Golden display signs of rising DA when they booked for an extended boarding stay.

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