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Old 07-25-2012, 08:59 PM
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Originally Posted by Miakoda View Post
I would sit down and make a list of very specific questions about his health and training, and definitely get a PPE!!!

Nothing in life is truly free. Just remember that.
Thank you! I wouldn't touch a horse without a PPE! Too many friends have had bad luck without one for me to risk it. Oh I know there's a catch somewhere. I'm just trying to figure out what it is.

Originally Posted by BostonBanker View Post
The fact that you seem a bit uncertain about affording it makes me say that it probably isn't a good idea. Trust me, I'm there. Getting Tristan was a terrible idea for me financially, but I did it because I could make it work (barely) and I wanted it so, so badly. I'd worked and shown in the horse world for over 10 years and never had my own.

"Just about" affording it means "Holy $#it, what do I do now?!" when stuff goes wrong. It means deciding if you are going to pursue treatment for an injury/illness, and thus go into debt, or if you are going to not take care of a problem. I went from never carrying any debt to maxing out a credit card in a few short months when Tristan first got sick. I've dumped $1300 in a day on him. I took a different job because I could 'just about' afford his bills, but he needs more than that right now.

Whether or not this horse is the right horse is, in my mind, the wrong question right now. The question should be whether any horse is a good idea when you say you can 'just about' afford it.
Thank you! This is something I really needed to hear. If I don't keep him at livery I can manage easily (I haven't done all the maths yet but that is a large factor). I was thinking about him at livery when I was saying that. I do have savings for emergencies but it would have to be very serious for me to touch that because I know how fast savings can disappear! Plus in a real emergency my parents would help me if I needed it. Honestly there is nothing tying me too this horse. If I dont think that it's right for me to get it, it'll be a disappointment but I WILL walk away. I've learnt about getting in over my head. Id like to get him, of course, but sometimes you have to say no. I'd like to think this won't be one of those times but time will tell.

Originally Posted by crazedACD View Post
I was thinking this as well while reading the op. Sounds like they got him to tolerate a rider, ran over some jumps, and threw him in the field. Especially since they say he is sharp...people uh, tend to mince words when selling a horse. I'm assuming it would be necessary to treat him as not broke at this point. He sounds like a bit of a challenge. Do you have experience with starting horses?
It could definitely be like that I'm sure but I'm helping them with a 3 year old at the minute and they do give them a thorough grounding before they even go near jumps. Oh I know what people can be like selling horses. I've been burned before. This time I'm determined not to let it happen. IF everything else checks out I'm going to ask if I can ride the horse for a few weeks before I commit to anything. I don't have very much experience starting horses but I have been helping with that 3yo and next week I'm starting to help a woman with her youngster as well. However if I did need to start him again there would be no shortage of people willing to help.

Thanks everyone for your opinion! I'm going to meet him tomorrow, ask a good few questions and see where it goes from there. Im willing to say no if he doesnt suit or I can't afford him. You never know he could end up having 3 legs, and be part donkey and that's why they're giving him away!
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