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Old 07-25-2012, 10:59 AM
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Judges breeder breeds for serious performance dogs, the majority of her dogs produced are working K9s in some way or another, dual purpose,detection work etc. Her dogs are kennel dogs and are only rotated in the house one at a time for a night then back out. Not ideal cause I want a dog to live in my house not be a kennel dog.

I also think some people mistake frenetic energy as drive in puppies. Even the best laid plans and research can give you a Puppy that you have a hard time living with.

I personally think you can find what you want in an IPO bred or working bred GSD. The Czech lines tend to run very sharp, a bit more biddable but a lot sharper than the West German Working lines and IME their nerves aren't as strong. I prefer a nice Czech/West German cross.
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Old 07-25-2012, 12:01 PM
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There is a nice little Czech/WG girl that comes out to training. She would be really fun in ring, drive for days and she's pretty small and agile. Her owner wants to get her AD and BH, but primarily she is a family pet and as far as bitework they are focusing on PP working with the jacket. They have started learning the object guard though. She's super cute guarding her suitcase. Really, really nice girl... super social off the training field (except not with other dogs), but very very hard while she is working!
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Old 07-25-2012, 12:08 PM
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lol @ cute when guarding her suitcase.
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Old 07-25-2012, 04:22 PM
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Originally Posted by AdrianneIsabel View Post
No I understand and agree, honestly backup isn't the ultimate norm for the breed nor is he ideal in some ways (he's really, really hard to shape with) but he's still an amazing dog else wise (he won't give up - almost to a fault, and will try anything without thinking if you say do it for your tug - literally he's a jump first ask maybe dog, he'd have been amazing on a swat team lol). .
No one's perfect!

He seems like such a good, hard working boy in your agility videos. He really does.

Originally Posted by AdrianneIsabel View Post
I believe the off switch is partially breeding and partially training but in the end you'll still get some of these Harry and Backup dogs and hopefully people are comfortable with that and pleasantly surprised when they get an Aeri or Panzer.
True, it can be hard to tell when you get a puppy. Although, if you want a dog who can be a good companion (which means different things to different people, some breeds would rarely fit some people's definition of companion LOL) as well as working prospect, you stack the odds in your favor by going to breeders who raise their dogs in that manner. Still not a guarantee though, hyperactivity is certainly within the realm of possibility in the breed just like reactivity, guardyness and being "weird" about strangers or environmental stuff. I believe Harry's breeder's dogs are all house dogs.

There's certainly some breeders selecting for extremes in working/sport bred GSDs but there's certainly others breeding for characteristics of an all around good GSD instead of an ultimate sport GSD. A friend of mine breeds working GSDs, she does IPO and puppies from her litters have gone to sport homes, performance/obedience homes, working k9s, detection dogs, SAR dogs, service dogs for autistic children and active family pets. These dogs have drive to spare but are good companions too for appropriate homes. To me, that is what a GSD should be.
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