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Old 07-25-2012, 08:01 AM
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Originally Posted by Toller_08 View Post
They can both be headstrong. I think they're pretty equal there, but a lot of it does depend on the individual dog. I just find Dobes to be a lot more seriously "what's in it for me?" sometimes. Most Rottweilers I know are just a little easier to get to engage with you and motivate somehow. My dogs are both motivated by different rewards, so it's not that they're untrainable. It's just a difference I've noticed in that it seems easier to get a Rottweiler to comply instantly than a Doberman. With that said, my friend's new Rottie girl can be more head strong than my Dobermans combined. She's just so bouncy and overwhelming and has a hard time thinking on occassion, haha. At least, that's how she was with me. I imagine she's different on a day to day basis with her owner. As for being difficult to manage, I guess that would depend on what you mean? Mine, as adults, are pretty easy to live with. They need clear and consistant guidelines (mine live with a lot of NILIF), and training is an on going process for the life of the dog (as it should be with most dogs), but they do as they're told and are very respectful over all. My biggest thing with my Dobermans is not letting them run through the house and doors like maniacs (they're always in a hurry for nothing) and also not letting them flip my arm, lean with all their weight, follow me obsessively, and plead for attention constantly. They're pushy in that respect. And sometimes if you tell them to do something they'll look at me like they totally didn't hear me and blow me off, but they generally think better of it. I can trust my Dobermans to respect rules and do as they're told more than I can Dance (my Toller). And I could say the same for our Rottweilers. Both breeds definitely need a firm owner who isn't going to be a pushover and will stick to rules and boundaries, but that doesn't mean they're all constantly trying to over rule you at any moment either.

Dobermans can be pretty soft. None of my Rottweilers were at all soft compared to most of the Dobermans I know, but I am sure there are soft Rotties out there too. Dobermans need a firm, consistent handler but one that will not get angry or yell often when frustrated. My dogs can take pressure in training, but if you yell at them (or near them - doesn't even have to be about them), they think the world is ending. Not that I make a point of yelling in life, but it's happened. They totally shut down. Dobermans are an odd mix of sensitive and headstrong. But, that doesn't necessarily mean that makes them more difficult than a Rottweiler. Unless you're prone to being angry a lot or something. I feel that many Dobermans, mine included, are softer than the breed should be and are softer than I prefer, but not detrimentally so in most cases.

I hope that all made sense... it's really something that's easier to experience than explain unfortunately in a lot of ways. I'd read a fair amount about Dobes and got to know a lot of Dobermans and their owners before raising Keira and Ripley, and I still learned different things with them than could ever be known simply by reading. That's why it's good to spend time with both breeds to talk to people, interact with the dogs and see what you would find more enjoyable.
Yes, I see what you mean. Thank you so much for helping! You've explained both Rotties and Dobes to me in a very understandable way.
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