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Old 07-18-2012, 10:05 PM
TahlzK TahlzK is offline
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Default Ewwww.. And I didn't expect that.

Last night was interesting and confusing.

So, I live in the shed out the back, there is insulated walls. The other day I can hear scattering/noises behind the walls, I'm thinking great, I have mice but we haven't seen any in a long time around here and my room is really clean.

Anyway, I go to bed.

I get woken up because Sunny is growling and this is not like him at all. I turn the light on because I was worried him and Serenity were about to fight but Uh, Serenity is no where in sight near Sunny, she's fast asleep under the futon. Unless she quickly scurried away but I know my dog and I am pretty **** sure she would have reacted to Sunny growling at her. (So, I'm confused why he growled but whatever)

Since he's been odd at times, I decide to get up to see if anything may be making him growl. I shine my phone light next to him and I.. Ewww.. See this dead thing, I seriously have no idea what it was. It was grey and it was big and it was dead. To big to be a mouse, could be a rat but we've never seen one around here.. It looked bigger/furrier then a ray though.. Maybe it was a different animal? I don't know. I have a phobia of dead things and I just didn't have the will power to look at that poor animal last night.

I didn't know what to do.. I couldn't touch it (bad phobia of dead things).. I had other options but I was tired and so grossed out. I went back to bed but it took me a little bit to fall asleep because I kept imaging Sunny jumping on my bed with this thing.

I am so happy though that I kicked both dogs off the bed at night (I love them sleeping in the bed but I'm over the dirt they leave behind). He would have eaten that thing in my bed and I would have freaked out. So glad he knew the rules and stayed on the futon.

I still wonder what the hell went on. I mean, how did I not wake up to him going after this thing? Or was he lucky and grabbed it in one quick movement? Why didn't Serenity go after it/fight him for it? (then again, she's been weird with food) or did she? These are one of those things you just don't expect to happen.

So many questions! My only concern was Serenity and Sunny fighting but I would've woken up to that. I had planned to dispose of it in the morning but he ate it. I honestly didn't even consider the fact he was going to eat it.

Well, he got a full raw meal! And I think there's more in my wall because I heard them when I woke up.

I hate having a phobia of dead things. It took me so long to even be able to touch raw meat.

Anything 'interesting' ever happen to some one here that they didn't expect?
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Old 07-18-2012, 10:35 PM
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EEEEEEWWWWW is right, I wouldn't kiss that dog on the lips for awhile lemme tell ya...fortunately while Sophie and the cats kill things they don't eat them. I toadly understand your feelings about dead things though. My son and I have an agreement. He's spooked about catching things that are alive.

So the snakes and birds and mice that wander in are my department...catch the poor critters and let them free in the woods far from the house. The dead things he's fine with cleaning up...before they become cat toys...again EEEEEWWWWWW
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Old 07-19-2012, 10:34 PM
StillandSilent StillandSilent is offline
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It could have been worse. Gambit gets his last potty break off leash, as he's been perfectly trained to poop in the ivy and I don't have to chase after him with a doody bag.

Apparently he killed a mouse one night and brought it home in his mouth. I didn't notice until the next morning, when I found it's corpse oh so lovingly laid on my pillow, right next to my face. There was much screaming.

Gambit was extremely put out that I not only rejected his gift, but threw it out the back door. He just couldn't understand why I wasn't appreciative of all the hard work he put into catching that thing, not to mention not eating even a tiny bit of it, and just got rid of it.

I brushed his teeth twice.

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Old 07-19-2012, 10:43 PM
BostonBanker's Avatar
BostonBanker BostonBanker is offline
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Oh my gosh, forget dead things, if something live was in my room like that, I'd be burning the building and never sleeping again!

Do you have opossums where you live? As soon as you said "bigger rat" that's what popped into my mind. I've been seeing them all over the place here lately.

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Old 07-20-2012, 12:34 AM
ihartgonzo's Avatar
ihartgonzo ihartgonzo is offline
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That's a good thought, Boston!!! Maybe it was a baby possum and he was just "playing possum"... then ran off? They are actually known to be in people's walls/attics/basements.

Did it look like this?

I think a possum are really cute. I saw a baby run in front of my car once, and thought I had hit it. I stopped and checked on him and he was just playing dead. He ran off into the bushes after a minute.

I honestly could not sleep with a dead animal nearby!!! I'd put it in a bag and toss it outside at least. I also can't sleep with a spider anywhere in sight, though...

<3 Erica, Gonzo & Fozzie
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Old 07-20-2012, 01:33 AM
Kilter Kilter is offline
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There was the time there was a mouse in the house, the 'barn cat' wouldn't touch it and went back to sleep. Got the border collie, he just stood and stared. Got the golden, she caught it, then tried to give it to me. There was a combination of 'get it' 'leave it' and screeching to get her to carry the thing out to the deck, where it ran off.

Not a great way to meet the neighbors on the farm next door, I'm sure they thought I was a true city slicker....
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