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Old 07-17-2012, 02:13 PM
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Luckily most of my neighbours are super tolerant. Just the other day I had Bear and Pig out playing in their pool and upon hearing Pig's gremlin noises, my neighbour shows up with his dog so they could all play together. If the dogs are making an excessive amount of noise then sure, I'll tell them to cut it out. Otherwise it's just another sound of the neighbourhood. People are noisy sometimes and dogs are too.
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Old 07-17-2012, 02:33 PM
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I think it's more than a little ridiculous for a neighbour to complain about dogs playing. If it was a repetitive "BARKBARKBARK" that continued on and on, then yeah, that would annoy me too. But dogs playing generally do not bark non-stop. And if they do, their owner should be on top of them for it IMO. My dogs are very, very quiet to the point of neighbours being surprised that we have three large-ish dogs. I can be a bit paranoid about barking dogs after living beside people with obnoxious dogs that annoyed me and the entire neighbourhood/s for most of my life. The last thing I want is for my dogs to be the ones annoying people. But, they're still dogs and they definitely do make some noise. If I feel they're getting overzealous about it though, I interrupt and tell them to knock it off a bit.

The last house we lived in the stupid neighbours tried telling me to please keep my dogs quiet and inside from 8am until 5pm. Um, no. Why did they request this? Because their dogs needed to stay outside while they were working so they wouldn't destroy the house and the blinds by running and barking at passersby. So, instead, they put their three dogs in the yard to fence fight with mine, bark at everything, and howl constantly. Meanwhile mine ignored their dogs (and if they did get lured into fence fighting I was there to tell them to stop), played quietly together or with me, and were only out intermittently for bathroom breaks or to play for a bit throughout the day. I was not going to keep them cooped up all day because they and their dogs were idiots. These neighbours tried blaming my dogs for being the problem and I was so mad. I can't stand nuisance dogs and my dogs are not nuisances. I think these types of people just like to get mad at other dogs' owners because their dogs are easily set off by other dogs and people having fun or enjoying their yard, which makes their dogs harder for them to control. Which is probably their fault.

I can't imagine people getting mad about kids playing either. I hear kids all the time in my neighbourhood having fun and while they can definitely be loud sometimes, I wouldn't tell them to keep it down unless they were being really rude about it or something. But in all the years we've lived around kids, I've never felt the need to tell anyone to tone it down.
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Old 07-17-2012, 02:39 PM
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The only issues we've had here with neighbours were the ones that were in the house next door before. But that was because they all had potty mouths, were loud, and it was so bad at times we'd have to leave the back yard or listen to them all cussing each other, kids telling the parents to go f off and so on. Yikes. Oh and the 17 intact cats/kittens were not amusing either, nor were their two dogs who used our front lawn or the park to potty themselves since the gates were broken and useless. Nothing like trying to get out the door to do something only to have their dumb dogs go into the garage and then snoop around and refuse to get out. Didn't want to leave them in there, didn't want to get bitten chasing them out (they were not friendly), and didn't want to leave the garage door open.... sigh.

At our old place there was a dog on a chain living in a car and eating out of cans, they'd open a can and give it to her to eat. Water was green. The laws are useless so there was nothing that could be done, even though the HS and the AC officers were there weekly because the dog barked NON STOP sometimes 24/7.

For now going to just rotate who is in and who is out and bring them in at 6 when it's the dinner hour, and hopefully that'll be ok with them. I can always bring Kilt to work and she'd be tired out by the time she's chased down all the dogs there too.
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