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Old 07-15-2012, 07:36 PM
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Default Hot Commodity

Brought home five antlers for four dogs. Gave Ozzy and Enzo theirs in their crates, since Ozzy is currently being a jerk about everything.

Knox and Indy are roaming the house and they got one apiece. Knox comes back in the kitchen and asks for the last one left on the table. Since it was the biggest, I told him I'd trade him and went to find his. Couldn't find it, looked under the couch wasn't there, didn't feel like investigating too much further and I figured he'd lost it, it would turn up eventually, and gave him the big one.

He comes back like five minutes later asks for another one. Now I'm thinking, what the hell dog??

So I get BACK up to look for it the two I gave him. Not on the dog bed in the living room, not on the sofa, not UNDER the sofa, back of the house is shut off, downstairs/basement door is shut, so he can't have snuck it to his crate, when I hear Indy chewing contentedly away in the kitchen under the table.

I go into the kitchen and I'm looking at her, and I see that she has the biggest one I brought home. This makes me go hmmmmmmmmmmm, so I call her over to me and she refuses to get up. Lightbulb.

Pick the skinny little bitch up and she was laying on the other two. Had both the ones she'd take from Knox as well as the one I'd given her. So now punishment is you get tethered to the table to enjoy the ONE I gave you, while Knox enjoys his wherever he wants, ALONE.

What a devious little dog. There was no scuffle, no little flurry of any sort of activity. I think she just walked over to him and said "that's mine pal, hand it over" and he did. Which is strange, because he will.not.give her the ball. Guess the kong ball ranks over an antler.
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