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Old 07-14-2012, 06:06 PM
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Default You know what is 'better' than random off leash dogs?

Random off leash raccoons.

Yep, seriously!

We went to the 'go swim' and there was a huge family there. Seems they brought their rescued raccoons with them and let them go in the forest either side of the swimming area.

So we have to keep Dekka and Smudge on leash (no issue, we do that if there are other dogs) but we have to keep them VERY short leashed as their coons are loose.

We are chillin to see if they get their coons back. And one waddles out of the forest and starts heading straight for Smudge and Dekka. Who are understandably very excited. Smudge is vocal Dekka is not. The little raccoon (they are 14 weeks) was taken aback by this reception. One of the people came and grabbed it as we are yelling at them that our dogs WILL attack their coon. I am holding Dekka's collar AND have the leash handle looped around her neck just in case.

These people seemed so surprised that dogs would want to attack coons. They were all worried about Smudge. I spoke up and said, NO, its the little quiet white one you have to worry about. I am not sure if Smudge would immediately hurt the coon. Dekka absolutely would. Again they were shocked that the quiet intense vibrating one was the danger.

Then again these people were weirded out by Smudge's life jacket as they thought ALL dogs could swim. (and made a big deal out of that)

They did get both coons back. BUT they were wearing harnesses, so if they hadn't gotten them back the poor things could have been stuck with harness that could get hung up or bind them as they grew.

Really its was one of the most WTF things that has ever happened to me...
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