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Old 02-11-2005, 11:37 AM
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Default I have another ?

sorry, but I have another ?. but I been training and woking with my dog on heeling and he will not stop pulling I tryed everything. I tryed stoping when he pulls. I tryed trunning around when he pulls. I have a gentle leader and he still pulls I think i tryed everything he dose not stop pull.

any ideas pls
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Old 02-11-2005, 12:49 PM
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Princess was a hard case but I pretty much got her so she's walking decent. First thing I found is stay away from grass! Princess would not pay attention for nothing in the grassy area. So we went to a long drive, I wrapped the leash around me so I'd have a better grip and she'd have less room to pull me, we went part way down the drive, she'd pull, I'd turn and go back. Each time we'd walk further until getting to the end of the drive where I'd make her sit and stay. We'd do this until I figured we needed a break then go rest abit and out we'd go again.

Next we ventured to a small street which has very little traffic. Same thing, we'd walk a little, turn and go back. When she would walk decent we'd walk further. We'd do this awhile then go rest then start up again. Next day we took a long walk. On the way she didnt do real good but on the way back it was like it clicked with her and she did great. I was able to give her some slack. Still once we get in grass she pulls as hard as she can to sniff out everything but as long as we stay in dirt or a road she does pretty good now. I know its been alot of work getting her there!
Hope that helps alittle.
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