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Old 07-09-2012, 12:10 PM
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Well I'm currently seriously looking into fostering for a Malamute rescue and I'm saving up for a future Malinois puppy, so unless something really ridiculous happened in life those plans would stay in place.

I can't even contemplate one of them running away. I'd be so messed up over that and frantic trying to find them.

Lily will never ever be rehomed. We've been homeless together before and we'll do it again if we have to. If anything happens to me she'll go to my mom and go with her everywhere.

If by some crazy act of the divine I found a home with people/a person with whom Scout clicked and who could spend all day every day with her and was equipped to deal with her issues, etc... well then yes I'd have to get over myself and let her go because it would ease a great deal of her anxiety about life in general to never have to be left alone and to be someone's sole focus. I would be really upset about it, but if it meant she'd have better quality of life I'd do it. Odds of finding that are... well kinda like stumbling across a unicorn.

If something happened to Lily *knockonwood* I would be such a huge trainwreck. Like there are no words for how messed up I would be. I'd have to step up my plans to foster asap though because Scout freaks if she's left alone. Usually she is okay if there is another dog around. Usually... But yeah I wouldn't really have a choice in that situation.

If something happened to Scout like an accident or health issue or her mental issues just become too much for her to live with (I really, really hope it never ever comes to that)... I'd probably still foster a Malamute while saving up for my Malinois pup. It would help me realistically know what I'll be paying to feed a not so thrifty dog and keep me in the two dog game. Plus it'd give Lily a housemate to play with. It would have to be a male in either case though. Lily would prefer to have me to herself, but I like having more than one dog around and she does enjoy having a playmate despite being a spoiled princess lol. My timeline for getting a Malinois pup is looking like 3yrs. I hope its sooner, but thats a large enough time frame to comfortably comit to fostering in the interim.
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