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Old 07-05-2012, 09:26 PM
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((hugs)) to all that need 'em

This year I made some life-altering decisions. I was offered a full time position that I accepted, which forced me to end things with my boyfriend of 5 years and I simultaneously fell in love with a colleague. My life changed so quickly and my future as I thought it would be changed as well. I hope it's all for the good - everything has such a 'meant to be' vibe & I'm just along for the ride.

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Old 07-06-2012, 09:46 PM
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Sorry for those that have been having a bad year - I hope things start to look up for you soon.

I think, for me, 2012 had the potential to be a great year. I finished my senior year of high school, and got accepted into every college I applied to. I've grown closer than ever to my friends, and we've been spending a ton of time together before we all go our separate ways. I've made some amazing new friends as well, and I'm ridiculously excited for college in the fall. I've grown up a lot this year - in some ways it feels like my life is just falling into place. But in other ways, this year has been truly awful. I lost a close friend to suicide five months ago - he was only 17. A lot of this year has been spent trying to come to terms with that, and realizing that, yes, terrible things do happen to good people.

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Old 07-07-2012, 12:38 AM
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Hmmm . . . suckass job ended, but it was better than no job, which has been the situation so far since the beginning of the year.

Waiting to find out if I'm going to get to endure foreclosure or if I'm accepted for one of the mortgage relief programs, which will help for now, but bite me in the ass on the back end of the mortgage. Ah well, you do what you have to.

Still can't wrap my mind around a world without Brutie in it.

Family is getting crazier by the day. I just assume that when either one of them says something it's a lie or at least a very weird exaggeration.

Bimmer is showing his age -- that may be the worst.

If -- WHEN I do get a real job interview I'm going to have a serious wardrobe challenge as everything appropriate is way too big. That's one of those good/bad things and a slick segue.

But, getting back into shape physically and mentally, time in the gym, clean diet.

My CPA friend got all the tax craziness from Charley and his lack of -- everything -- at the store straightened out and I wound up with enough of a return to order a nice refurb MacBook with great upgrades before my probably-ten-year-old overworked G4 had something dire happen to it.

Had some established, published authors seek me out for read-throughs and editing advice, which they appreciated and USED.

The Black Dog Dialogues is going . . . Romy is doing my cover art and an excellent photographer contacted me and asked if he could do a shoot for me for the back cover.

Bimmer, Kharma and Tallulah are all well, despite Bimmer's age, and that's the most important thing of all. My health is still the bane of the western medical industry, lol.

I love how long and thick my hair's getting. I feel like I look better than I have at any time in my life, and with the book progressing so well, maybe it's just everything finally coming together at the right time

Or, as I've said about other things (and sadly been right), maybe it's all going to blow up in my face.
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Old 07-07-2012, 10:48 PM
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OK, well, there are a ton of positives, which as many know, is not the usual run of things for us. My work is going very well. They think I'm great and wonderful and terrific, for reasons that are not clear to me. I love going to work, it's such a change from working at Starbucks, I still can't believe I really get to be a doctor every day, and that I can actually take this grueling schedule as well as all the twenty and thirty year olds around me. When i wanted a moonlighting job, because we need the money, my assistant prof=gram director found me the job, and then another attending applied for it for me. I just had to show up for the interview-amazing.

The kids are doing well, Rachel is making tons of money and living a crazy dream life working for the Saudi royal family as an art instructor (see her blog-- Rachelinriyadh on tumblr) john got into Columbia for grad school, and Ricky looks to do way better than he deserves in the college admission game. Molly is not being thrown out of her school- and that's all I have to say about that. The younger kids are doing great- travel soccer and fencing, etc.

Steve has the possibility of getting a really great amazing job through the most lucky coincidence imaginable. It's really freaky to tell you the truth. Still don't know if it will really happen, but whoa....

The dogs are good. The cats are fine too- all six of them. We almost lost Smedislav to some mysterious infection that caused hemolytic anemia, but he pulled through, and is nice and plump and self-satisfied again. Buggy is showing his age at at least sixteen, but is still feisty and grouchy as he ought to be.

On the minus side my health is kind of crappy- since I now have full scale type 1 diabetes and it has been a tremendous adjustment. It is rough physically and emotionally, but I am managing. I realized I take 10 prescription medications-- which makes me feel like I'm about 95 years old. And I don't feel just fantastically great most of the time, but I can mostly ignore it, and it is true that I only get like three hours of sleep a night.

Anyway, I soon expect to be rich enough to actually declare bankruptcy with a plan to pay everything off in five years- and can see my way clear of this mess.

Renee- things sound really stressful. I believe they will fall the right way, and when you get that book published you will evidently look really good on the dust jacket. I'm looking forward to buying it.

Thanks Baxter'smybaby. You're the Best.
Bless All the Abandoned Animals, Left to Die Alone, Abandoned, Frightened, and Confused
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Old 07-08-2012, 02:42 AM
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Lots of change. Moved out of Mexico to Ohio, got a retail drone job working nights. My dog and I are now living with my boyfriend and close to his family, and they're all wonderful.

I left my own family in Mexico and it kills me some days, especially now that it looks like I may be making this my new home. I miss them so much.
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