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Old 06-29-2012, 07:44 AM
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Default Scared of dremel

Has anyone here gotten a dog who is afraid of the sound of a dremel, and afraid of having their nails clipped to where they can dremel their nails?

See when Tucker was a puppy I was clipping his nails with some random dog clippers I found around the house, I guess they were dull because he started yelping like it hurt even though I wasn't making him bleed. So I bought new clippers and after a few times he realized they didn't hurt and was fine again, but now he's slowly become afraid again. I was able to clip all of his nails at one time, I'd just have to work up to it with treats for handing me his paw, getting his toes spread, etc. but in the end all nails were clipped. But now I can't even clip one nail in a session. So either they are getting dull again or he just doesn't like having his nails clipped. Last time I worked up to clipping one nail and he yelped, didn't bleed. I feel bad, I can handle his paw, handle his toes, bring the clipper to his toes but the instant the clipper makes contact with his nail he yanks back then won't give me his paw for a while (I always have him give me his paw instead of me taking it, so instead he'll slap my hand really fast and pull it away before I get a hold of it). If I hold his paw and don't let him yank back he gasps and holds his breath (I didn't even know dogs gasped). I think he's really, really scared, which makes me think maybe those clippers are hurting him.

I bought a dremel a long time ago but he wouldn't even come near me while it was on. I figured that I was much closer to being able to clip with clippers, since I can do everything but touch the nail, so why bother trying to desensitize him to the dremel, that could take forever, the clippers would be faster. But now that the clippers seem to actually be hurting him, I'd like to give the dremel another go. But I don't want to spend weeks or months trying to get him comfortable with them only to fail in the end.

So that's why I wanted to know if anyone here had actually successfully taken a dog who was afraid of the dremel and gotten them comfortable with it to the point where they can dremel the nails.

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