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Old 06-25-2012, 08:28 AM
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Default redirected aggression or resource guarding

Tucker frequently "attacks" one of the cats, Neko. Never ever Willie the other cat. It's not an attack which causes any harm, but he chases him while making a little whiny scream, then once neko jumps on a table or something Tucker will leap up and nip and bark at him. It's rather frantic. Last night my brother's girlfriend was over and she is rather loud, they were all talking about disney world and she's never been so she gave this scream of frustration because she wants to go. This scream regularly makes Tucker go after Neko, so it did again. Neko jumped up on the desk in the kitchen and Tucker started barking at him. My brother put his leg out in front of Tucker and pushed him away from the desk. This was not a kick it wasn't a shove, there was nothing fast or rough about it, I would have done the same thing. he simply placed his leg on front of him and slowly moved it into the dog so he'd move away from the cat. As my brother was doing this Tucker snarled and bit him on the leg. I did not see the bite as he was on the other side of the table, but it sounds like it did make contact. My brother was wearing jeans so no harm done.

So what exactly do you think caused this bite? Was Tucker just so worked up that he redirected onto my brother or would you say it was more of a resource guarding type thing and he bit Danny for trying to remove him from the cat? Tucker used to do this type of thing as a puppy, bite you when you tried to restrain him from getting what he wanted. I never really knew how to address it on a large scale. You can address the specific incidences it occur in, but I don't know how to deal with the whole aggression about being kept from what you want. Do I just work on self control type games? I never really got going on crate games, so I could go back to that, it just seemed so incredibly easy for him I wasn't sure if it was going to do anything, but maybe once we're at higher levels it will.

But I don't know if self control games will help with the restraint problem. All the aggression he's shown towards his family has been related to being touched and resource guarding. He will not guard if you walk up and take something he stole. If you walk up and try to push him away from something he stole he'll snap. Like when he was a pup and stole something and tried to head under the coffee table with it, mom grabbed his waist as he went under and he turned and snapped. Or when he was rooting in the trash and Brian tries to push him away with his foot, he snapped. When he had jumped on the end table to steal something and dad picked him up to move him off he got snapped at (those all happened over a year ago) And at night when dad goes to bed and tries to move Tucker out of his spot he gets growled at (which is concerning me as it's happening like every night..I told dad to just bring a treat up but so far he hasn't bothered). It's not simply resource guarding, it is connected to him being touched. He isn't guarding the bed exactly, he's do the same thing if you moved him while he was resting on the floor. I'd just never seen him do it over a cat. So is there anyway to specifically work on getting him used to being pushed away from or restrained from things he wants without making any resource guarding worse?

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