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Old 06-19-2012, 12:18 PM
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Default I'm quite curious..

So, I've seen many people asking if Labradors are good guard dogs and would protect their owners. Mostly everyone answers saying that they are TERRIBLE guard dogs but make decent watch dogs.

Well, I'm coming across a few people saying that a Labrador has some sort of protective instincts of its owner and can sense many things when they have champion bloodlines are very well bred. One person said this;

"They are excellent alert dogs. They will bark when a stranger approaches and give warning. Any medium to large sized dog is a visual deterrent- people will think twice about messing with them, especially if they are barking. I grew up on a farm and my family had a black lab as a hunting companion. In good weather he slept outside in a dog house. One time he had pulled the dog house nearly 100 feet when a fox got into our chicken coop. Another time my sister and I were at the swimming hole near our house and these two guys showed up. One of them was a suspect in the disappearance of a local teenage girl (it's still thought he did it, but the police botched the investigation). Anyway, all I had to do was call to him and the dog came crashing down through the woods and jumped into the swimming hole and was up on the opposite bank with his hackles up and growling before they could even look twice at us. He was, hands down, one of the best dogs we ever owned. They don't really"guard" anything- they are bred to retrieve game but if you get a well bred one, they have excellent instincts."

Well, what do you think???
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