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Old 06-19-2012, 11:01 AM
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Originally Posted by JacksonsMom View Post

Also, I saw some photos while googling, of these Dobes with HUGE chests. It just didn't look right to me - it looked... abnormal. I really like how your dogs don't have that look, they seem more proportionate. Is that a show dog thing, a BYB thing... or just preference?
IME that is definitely found in some shows lines but not in all.

Originally Posted by JacksonsMom View Post
Interesting on the ears too. These dogs I visited with had been bred - apparently the female had two litters but was now spayed. I highly doubt these people were qualified to do so. They seem into their dogs, pictures of them all over the walls, and obviously well cared for, so I'm not going to judge without knowing them, but anyways... I have to wonder where they got their dogs with such short crops.
More than likely their dogs came from pet breeders, since like most more popular breeds that is where the majority you will run into came from. Pet breeders generally do not crop puppies prior to placement, so they likely had a local vet do the crop. Most local vets seem to do one style of crop on all dogs and it's usually short with a wide base because such a crop is more likely to stand, even if the owners don't totally follow the after care instructions. The longer and more elegant a crop is, the harder it can be to get it to stand. A lot of the cropped pet dogs I have seen that have even a moderate Dobe/Boxer/Dane style crop do not have both ears standing properly. I have also seen some really, really bad local vet crops. Ears that were messed up by the local vet, ears that are uneven or look....just bad on the dog. Which is a reason more serious breeders tend to use a good cropping vet and have all puppies done prior to placement.

Originally Posted by JacksonsMom View Post
Honestly, I think the SSA is just the biggest turn off. They would probably be a breed I'd consider way down the road (after Jackson is gone) and I maybe wasn't as into doing doggy things and events. Because with my life now, I really enjoy not worrying about Jackson and being able to take him anywhere and be around any dogs or heck even bring any dog into his house and it be okay.
I wouldn't say those things would be impossible with Dobes. I know people who have Dobes and foster without any issues. Although one did get pretty seriously bitten when a fostered male Dobe decided to take on one of the resident males (all neutered), it was the only major issue in years of fostering with a Dobe. I also know Dobes that are fine at dog parks, multiple dog households, etc. But I know people who have had SSA with Dobes (both in males and in females) too.

I would say though, that if being a friendly, accepting and easy going dog with dogs and people in all circumstances is important to you it would probably be best to avoid most guardian breeds, many but not all of the herders and pretty much the entire terrier group. Not because it is impossible to get a Dobe that would fit what you want but because you'd be better to go with a breed where the things you like in a dog are part of the breed's character and actively being bred for.
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