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Old 06-02-2012, 06:16 AM
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Default K9 Kapers Trial with Psyche

So Psyche has a "three day" trial this weekend, with one run each day. Wanted to keep them light, fast and fun. Last night was a steeplechase and we lucked out that it was two a-frames instead of weaves. Here's the video from that run. I am so incredibly proud of her for this run. Just wow. 5 seconds over time, but you know, for a dog who usually a) runs off b) shuts down or c) doesn't weave at all, I'm pretty dang happy.

She's got a Jumpers run today at the end of the day, so she will have been there all day while I take pictures, so we'll see how it goes. I really like the judge we're trialing under this weekend and I feel like that helps a lot. I'm really comfortable going into the ring because this is the only judge I talk to, you know? Just kill time little chit chat, but that's more than I get from most of the other judges and it helps. This trial IS on my "home field" but I haven't trained there more than maybe once all year, and I don't even know if we have at all.

Last night she was PULLING ME INTO THE RING. Psyche never does that! She's never that dog who's so excited to go play. I thought at first she was just trying to get to the smaller dogs, cause she does that, but then they left and the bigger dogs came in and she was still pulling, and when it was our turn, even with the other dog gone, she still pulled me to the entrance and then was eager to go to the startline.

Also, I basically didn't make her stop for her contacts. We'll get there eventually, but last night I wanted to keep it fun, so when I saw that she was committed to hitting the contact zone, I released her so that if she did blow her 2o2o, *I* wouldn't get disappointed and feed that to my dog. I wanted to keep both of us as happy as possible. As for that tunnel to the weaves, I really expected to lose her, if I was going to at all, at the tunnel entry, because the exit to the ring was a straight line from there, but she stuck with me, so that's what the excited, surprised praise was about, lol.

Anyway! Off for day two!

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