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Old 02-09-2005, 11:46 PM
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Default Beautiful Evening . . .

Lordy, what a charming evening Li'l Miss Kharma has given me!

Charley and I both got home at the same time, so I started in the house with some groceries and my briefcase while he went to turn on the water to the cattle trough. I had everything juggled just so and was trying to get Kharma to chill out a bit so I could get through the door without getting the full blast of her joyous greetings while my hands were too full to defend myself.

I couldn't get the door to open.

So I set everything down and tried it again.

No go.


Still no go.

The little Monster had locked the door!

We couldn't get in through the laundry room because the door has an interior latch that we keep hooked since Shiva stays there while we're gone. Bimmer has taught everyone how to open the door if it isn't latched.

Charley had to go back through the old back door and the room where his Mom stored everything. I distinctly heard two major thuds and several swear words, but he got us in the house.

It got dark enough to let Kharma go out to play with Shiva and Bimmer. If it's too light she herds the cows, so she's strictly a night-prowler for now.

She came back in COVERED in mud, so it was off to the laundry room to dry off enough to brush clean.

Of course, an hour later she wants to go outside again. Crying and banging the door.

So out she went. Predictably, ten minutes later she was banging on the door to be let in. I got up to let her in, but as soon as I got the door open she jumped off the stoop and ducked her head away from me.

I could see her jaws working and hear something crunching, so we played a bit of Ring Around the Forsythia Bush, fruitlessly I might add, until Shiva came out and we had Kharma outnumbered and soon cornered.

Lo and behold, my charming, delightful, dainty little Princess has a L-O-N-G, pink, bald tail hanging from the side of her feminine lips. I pried those jaws open - sure enough, she was noshing on a barn rat. I found a big leaf and grabbed it by the tail, hauled it out of her mouth - all eight inches or so of it, not counting tail - and sailed it over the fence. It sounds fairly simple, but I had hold of Kharma by the scruff of her neck with Shiva prancing around thinking it was all a great game, trying to distract both of them to keep them from taking off after the prize.

Hauled her happy little butt back in the house where she and Shiva are having a grand game of tug now.
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