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Old 06-01-2012, 12:24 PM
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Default Very scary moment with Seren.

So after all this heat now we have COLD and rain. I decided to bring the horses in and Seren and Dekka were with me. Pan, one of the horses, was being a bit of a ditz to bring in. I get her in and convince her that the stall is not going to eat her The rain is so heavy its deafeningly loud on the tin roof of the barn. I then realize I hear dogs fighting in a stall.

I go and there are Dekka and Seren latched on to each other. I have no idea how long they have been going at it, but there is a little blood and they seem quite into it. (Often they stop little scraps if I yell Leave It!) I grab collars and start getting them apart. I get them apart and Seren falls over unconcious (To be honest I thought Dead!!)

I clip Dekka to a cross tie and rush back into the stall. Seren is not breathing. Her heart beat was faint but there. I did take a pet first aid course, but that was 6 years ago!. I straightened her out and did a few chest compressions (figured that would move her lungs too) I have no idea if what I did helped but it was a good solid 45-60 seconds of no breathing before she began gasping.

She lies there and gasps a minuted and then gets up and staggers around. I tried to get her to stay still and not crash into things. I didn't want to pick her up in case she was somehow more hurt than I could tell. I grabbed Dekka so she wouldn't go after Seren if she staggered near. Seren quickly got back to normal and is her wiggly self.

I took both into the house and cleaned them up. I have no idea what happened. As is typical, there are no real injuries. All the blood seems to have come from a tiny cut on Dekka's ear. That seems to be it. No holes (and Dekka was hanging on to Seren's front leg with serious grip shaking like terriers do with determination) even though they had been going at it for a while.

Any idea what could cause a dog to pass out and stop breathing in what essentially was just a scuffle?

This was all about an hour ago and Seren seems perfectly normal (well as normal as she ever gets) I have her in a crate just in case...
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