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Old 05-30-2012, 06:45 PM
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Default "Zoomies" on walks...

Now, these "zoomies" occur on a walk and are usually when Katalin spots a area of taller grass/larger than usual patch of green - she tenses up, gets down on the ground and proceeds to go crazy running and jumping with all her might plunging herself down into the grass. These "fits" last about a minute or so and I am putting a stop to them so far by grabbing her by her collar so she can't wiggle around and settling her down - it's not a pleasant experience and is frustrating for the both of us. It used to happen at least twice on each walk - now it happens maybe once a week, if that even.

Now I would prefer her to channel her energy in other manners (I have no problem with her going zoomies in the backyard or house - but while on leash and in the middle of a walk is not ideal) - my trainer has suggested stepping on the leash, tying her to a tree/streetpole, ignoring her or throwing out a treat and re-focusing her energy on that to stop these "zoomies".

1 - She just keeps bouncing even if I do step on the leash and ignore her.
2 - Trees/streetpoles are not readily available at all locations she chooses to go a little bananas - and besides by the time I'd finish tethering her to a tree or something she'd probably have finished already.
3 - She does not care if she is ignored or not - she just carries on
4 - I do not agree with giving out treats when she displays undesirable behavior - it only encourages it I think.

She runs for around 15 minutes in the backyard before we go for a walk, our walks are at a rather brisk pace for at least 45 minutes a time, she gets ample breaks to relieve herself/sniff about...maybe it's just something about tall grass that gets her stirred up lol. Tips are greatly appreciated =)
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