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Old 05-21-2012, 04:59 PM
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I think what bothers me the most out of all this is that this potential puppy buyer thinks that she is OWED something and that she thinks she should get updates on the puppy SHE wants to get updates on. Rude much? Doesn't matter WHAT deposit you paid, HOW much you MIGHT travel to get a POTENTIAL's not your dog, not your litter, and you need to back up and get over yourself. Holy cow.

A breeder being open and honest is one thing. That is OFFERING information on the litter. A potential buyer demanding information? That's way over the line in my opinion. And then coming here to try and "defend" herself, only to have her appear that much worse? Tracking down your breeder, demanding information out of them, thinking you are OWED something by's all rather rude.

I'm neither a breeder nor am I on a waiting list at the moment, it's just common sense to me. Not your dog, not your litter. You aren't owed a darn thing. Really, how rude can you get?

Breeder didn't even come to rant or rave on this woman. She just asked how much information she should be giving out, and the backstory as to why she was feeling that way. And, heck, I wouldn't blame her if she decided to halt all updates. This is definitely one of those "wow" moments when you remember how self-entitled some people can be!
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