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Old 05-21-2012, 02:11 PM
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Certainly charges can be pled down, but I can not imagine any circumstance where they'd plead actual penetration down to lewd and lascivious behavior.

I'm also not saying he's not a creep. I am pointing out that getting out the pitchforks and torches might be a bit of overkill
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Old 05-21-2012, 02:18 PM
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Apparently everyone just needs to move to my city. There are a whopping THREE level 3 convicted sex offenders in my county (I could only find sites that listed Level 3 convictions for Minnesota, maybe it's a state thing?). I was expecting a LOT more than that. There are 0 in my apartment complex, that surprised me.

I will say that I like the method of only listing the Level 3 convictions, that way people here aren't able to witch-hunt people who haven't actually done heinous things.

Here is the info about levels:
Sex Offender Level Information
Level 1
Level One offenders are offenders who are determined to be at a lower risk to re-offend. Police agencies may open a file on these offenders and may release information about the release of the offender to victims of, and witnesses to the crime, other law enforcement agencies, and anyone identified by the prosecuting attorney to receive the information.

Level 2
Level Two offenders are determined to be at a moderate risk to re-offend. Police agencies may release information to anyone included in the Level One information release, and in addition may notify organizations about the offender's release. These organizations may include schools, daycare centers, and other organizations where individuals who may become victims of the offender are regularly found. Law enforcement will make the decision on which organizations to notify based on the offender's past pattern of behavior. Law enforcement officials may also choose to notify certain individuals that they determine to be at possible risk from the offender, but this is not a wide spread community notification. Organizations notified about a Level Two offender are given this information to protect individuals in their care while they are on or near the premises of those organizations. The information is not to be re-distributed by those organizations that have been notified.

Level 3
Level Three offenders have been determined to be at the highest risk for re-offense out of all of the three risk levels. Law enforcement may notify all individuals and agencies included in Level One and Level Two notifications, and may also distribute information about the offender to everyone else in the community. In addition, officials may use the media and other distribution methods to get this information to the public. According to law enforcement policy, enforcement officials hold public meetings in the areas where Level Three offenders reside. At those meetings, information about the notification process, about the registration of predatory offenders, and information about the general population of these offenders is distributed and discussed. In addition, information about a specific offender or offenders is released. The information includes a general area of residence, a description of the offender (with photograph), and a description of the pattern of behavior that this offender has been known to display in the past. This disclosure does not apply to offenders that are in licensed residential facilities where staff have been trained to manage sexual offenders (halfway houses) nor does it apply to offenders in secure hospital facilities operated by the Department of Human Services (hospitals at Moose Lake and St. Peter, Minnesota).
I highlighted the parts that I found interesting/liked.

It also doesn't seem like it takes much to be considered a Level 3. Like there is a guy in my county who got a 15 year old drunk and fondled her, and he is old and icky, not a case of him being 18 and her 16. That's a Level 3.

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Old 05-21-2012, 02:53 PM
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Just two counts were enough to get my cousin a year at a women's correctional facility in Georgia, so that's all that shows on her sex offender page. What you do NOT see are the other 20 counts she was indicted on and on which she was found guilty. It was also known that she had sex with several 15 and 16-yr-old boys as well (in addition the 14-yr-olds...from where the 22 charges came), but they didn't even bother pressing charges against her for those, as they knew they would get a conviction with the others. She was 21 going on 22 at the time of the "activities".

The moral of that story is that there is so much more to the story than one would even know just by viewing her official page...and not for the better.
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