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Old 05-17-2012, 09:39 PM
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Originally Posted by yoko View Post
If you read the guys statement his dog wasn't just wandering like he left it outside all the time. The dog slipped the leash. Did he need a better leash? Definitely. But I think it's sick people are so ok with this and blame the victims which are the dog and his owner.

Also if you watch the news report you can see the blood trail and it is clearly in the middle of the street and not the neighbors yard.

For a dog forum quite a few people are siding with the the guy who chased down and killed a dog with a machete and I find that pretty shocking.
And if you watch the news video you can clearly see him walking down the street with his other dog NOT on a leash at all. So I have a hard time believing his dog "slipped the leash" when after such a horrific event he continues to have his oter dog off lead walking down the road with him.

And who was walkin the dog that it slipped the lead? He said he was surprised to see the dog laying outside of his house and then saw the blood and went following the blood trail. Lots of conflicting story there.

I am not "siding" with the guy that killed the dog but I certainly find A Lot of fault on the owners behalf. The VICTIM was the dog... Not the owner.

The owner who is clearly walking his other dog off lead on camera, the owner who said thedog slipped the lead but has been loose on peopls
Property multiple times. Something doesn't add up.

The guy with the machete is a monster NO DOUBT ABOUT IT but the owner is not the victim, the dog is. The owner clearly hasn't learned anything from this since ON CAMERA after the fact he is clearly walking the road with the other dog not on lead.

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