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Old 05-14-2012, 07:46 PM
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Default Stupid dog tricks

My sister came over yesterday to spend Mother's Day with our mom. While sitting in the backyard watching Auggie chase bubbles, she said, "Why do you have that car??"

Because this.

She and my BIL have adopted a puppy who is due to come home Memorial Day weekend. Collie/lab/Aussie/maybe some other stuff mix, nobody is really sure. I told her she should bring her puppy over and do this. Because that is what I bought it for.

And this. Payton... drivin' the Little Tikes car like a boss.

Also I took Payton to PetSmart Saturday so he could try on some beds, see if we could find one that fits him. No beds we liked, but Payton requested a tennis ball on a ropey bone (seriously, I offered it to him and he jumped up and grabbed it to tug, so I put it in my basket. I kept holding out other toys to him later, and he'd just kind of look at it, then be like "I like the one we already have in the basket. *looks in the basket at boney ball.* <3 oh boney ball <3 <3") Anyway, at the register the girl asked how old Payton was and then asked me where we do our training.
"Oh, uh, I train him myself," I said, kind of offhand, because it's always just kinda awkward to get into a conversation in there about how I'm a trainer at a training facility the next town over.
And then I got the patronizing "oh right, you train yourself. Right. Idiot." look. I think I prefer the awkward conversations about me being a trainer the next town over.

So then I came home and taught my dogs to do this.

I'm SUPER proud of Payton. It only took a few minutes. Auggie I knew would get it almost right away, he's the rockstar. But Payton has never been taught to get UP on something like this and pretty quickly he offered climbing up on it for me. Yay Payton!!

Then we put the dogs IN the bucket.

Payton thinks it's hi-laaaaarious. Auggie remembers the days of being an only dog.


Poor Georgie LOL. And poor Payton. He looks HUGE.

Just Georgie and Uncle Auggie. Auggie still remembers the days of being an only dog.

Then we couldn't get Auggie to jump out of the bucket LOL. He was like "no, I'm just going to stay here, and remember what it was like when I was the one getting ALL the cookies..."

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Old 05-14-2012, 07:53 PM
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lolol awesome. Especially the car. And Auggie's face. And Payton's hugeness. And Georgie's lil puppy girlness.

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Old 05-14-2012, 08:05 PM
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Holy crap, Payton is huge! They're so cute, even if Auggie wants to be an only dog sometimes <3
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Old 05-14-2012, 08:12 PM
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LOL those photos are fantastic!
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Old 05-14-2012, 08:42 PM
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LOL! What awesome shots!
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Old 05-15-2012, 12:11 AM
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haha! That is just amazing!
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