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Old 05-13-2012, 01:51 PM
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Default Warning: TMI ahead

You have been warned.

Ok so over 2 years ago I got this pimple under my butt and on my left shin. It was swollen, hard and had a white head on it, like a pimple. Then it turned REALLY dark, like purple/black. I got checked for STDs and everything came back clean.

2 days ago, they popped up again. One under my right butt cheek about an inch under it, and the 2nd one is under my left butt cheek but about 3 inches under it. They were swollen, hard, red with a white head in it (I didn't pop them), then today I noticed they were that purple/black color.
I have been trying to look up what it might be but I cannot for the life of me figure it out.

Someone I know has herpes so I asked them if that is what it looks like, they said no. I haven't had sex since TJ and I broke up over 2 months ago. I know for fact he was clean. I got checked for everything after we broke up and I moved up here to daddy's, and again everything came back clean.

When these bumps first showed up 2 years ago, as I said, I got checked and this is the first time they have showed up since then.

I don't know what they are, but its freaking me out cause of how dark they are.

Can anybody tell me what they are or anything?
I have a doctor's appointment at my mom's (I am going their tomorrow and will bet here for a week, so I decided to make an appt with her doctor), the appt is Wednesday though. I am driving myself crazy over here.
The bumps don't itch or burn or anything like that. They are just THERE.

Anyways, TIA. I know this was a bit TMI, but I know we have a lot of ladies here that might be able to help me out a bit until my appt. (Not saying yall have anything, so don't think that lol)
*War Eagle*
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