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Old 05-10-2012, 11:52 PM
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I have the most awesome dreams. I seriously almost always have some epic dream and I've wondered for a long time if other people dream the same way or if it's just me. I'd say most dreams I can control to some extent, some I can control completely. It's always been that way.

One really unusual thing about my dreams is that I am often not in my dream at all. I'd say about half of my dreams are third person. Like watching a movie and usually some sort of epic sci fi/fantasy. A lot of the ones that I'm not in are from a male's perspective, which is odd to me. Many are like watching a movie. One recently was set in the far future and a classroom. The main character was a guy that was obviously in trouble of some sort and was hiding some secret from everyone else. I never did figure out completely what was going on, just knew he was in danger.

Very very rarely are my dreams anything mundane or normal. Last night I had a dream about work and it was my very first work dream ever. But we were supposed to move into the new tower and the elevators were broken so we had to climb up the inside up to the 37th floor. I told my boss no way and then he told me that I was just out of shape and it was no big deal. So we climbed and got to the top of one floor and then two of the guys ended up getting a fight and punching each other. Sadly enough that's the most 'normal' my dreams get.

I do occasionally have some terrifying dreams but I generally like them, which is weird because I hate scary movies. I think it's because I know I can change them (and often do) if they get too scary. I've never had a dream where I die in it because I always change it if I think I might.

I did a dream journal once and got some good ideas out of it. I make the best characters while I'm asleep.

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