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Old 05-10-2012, 10:24 PM
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Default WOOHOO! Passed my math class.

So a few of you helped me out a few times this year with math class and I PASSED!

I know it's just one SMALL step... but math has been my biggest hurdle in college and the reason I'm still so behind, because I was always terrified to take it, knowing how bad I am at it.

So I actually have to take two total non-credit classes first before getting into regular College Algebra (because I got a bad grade on my entrance exam - didn't take SATs).

Buuuttttt, I worked my BUTT off and studied so hard and did so much crap when over half the class just stopped showing up or dropped out. This week was down to crunch-time because we're on this program called MyMathLab and I was behind from the beginning - there's 12 tests total and each test you have to take at school (everything else you can do at home technically, but our classes were Tues & Thurs) and my professor was sooo willing to help me every step of the way. There was so much in between work between tests and my problem was that I would cram each section into one night or two nights and then be ready to take a test each class, and even came in on days when I didn't have class, etc.

So I think my professor saw how much work I was putting in and I was SO happy to hear today that I was technically in the "top 4" of the class - there was still some people behind ME and I was only one of three who completed the final today. I'll be in her summer course for my last non-credit class, and she gave me the code so I can get a head start (it begins in a little over a month) so I can get AHEAD for once in my life.

I know I'm babbling, but I'm not gonna lie, I'm proud of myself. It's probably such a small thing for most people but there were many times during this class where I felt like I had to drop out of college altogether because I thought I'd NEVER get it.

You needed a 70% to be considered passing - I ended up with a 70.93% - WHEW!
Brit & Jackson

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