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Old 05-08-2012, 08:05 PM
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Ace is my heart dog, I have the best relationship with him ever. He is an amazing boy, he loves everyone and everything he meets and can go everywhere with me no matter what the situation and adapt with ease. He is always within feet of me, always ready to get up and go do something fun or just chill and watch tv with me

Dutchess is such a lover, she has learned to trust us so deeply and is so amazing with kids and every new person and animal she meets!

Lilly is my little crack head lol, she's all terrier and is bonded to me so deeply. She is such a trainable little girl and can go anywhere and everywhere without ever having a problem And she loves to play, she's such a hoot to watch with toys as she runs and throws them around!

Roxy is my gentle giant. I have never met a dog so large that is so sweet. She loves every person and dog she meets, she thinks everyone is there to play with her! She is very trainable for a pyr, even having a reliable recall

Gunner is playful, he's probably one of the most clownish dogs i've ever met, everything is a game and life is always fun! He is very people orientated and loves his people!

Sierra is one of the happiest dogs i've ever met. She loves to run and run and is such a sweet girl. She always brightens they day whenever anyone is feeling down. And even though she can act crazy at times, whenever she meets a child or small dog she is so very careful and gentle.

Kiley is a special little girl. She is shy and fearful, but so loving and trusting. She loves us so much and is such a smart girl and she looks forward to training every time we do it and she picks up new commands so quickly!

Courtney is something else. I've never met a dog that has been through the things she has that is so bonded and so trusting with me. She is very good at obedience, actually having a really great recall! She really loves kids, will pick them out of a crowd just to greet them! And despite being a kennel dog for 4 years she is so well behaved She is one of the sweetest dogs i've ever met and she is always at my side.
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Old 05-08-2012, 08:11 PM
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I love pretty much everything about Millie. She's my soul mate, really. A friend once said "Millie is Virginia and Virginia is Millie." It's true. If anyone sees me without her the first thing they ask is where she is. She's the most loyal and loving a dog could ever be, the most soulful and wise of anybody I've ever met. It's funny, dog behaviorists talk about how we have to stop expecting so much from our dogs, to stop expecting them to be Lassie or Rin Tin Tin. Millie is totally my Lassie-dog. She's saved my life several times, has pulled me out of the depths of despair too many times to count. Three people claim she is their heart dog. I think that's pretty special. I know I'm being ultra-sappy, but thinking about my best friend and everything we've been through together in the last decade has me crying over here. There's no dog in the world like Millie.

On a more lighthearted note, Fable! There's plenty of growing she has to do, and a lot of bonding ahead of us, but in her puppyhood, I love her spunk and confidence. I love that she's literally a dream come true. I love that no moment with her is ever boring. She's so quirky and gives me and endless supply of laughs (also an endless stream of mumbled swear words as I pick up the hurricanes she lives in her wake, lol). She's one of those puppies that screams "I'm going to be such an awesome dog!" And speaking of screaming, I love how vocal she is, lol. She's got a bark, whine, or grumble for every occasion. Happy, frustrated, excited? Fable's philosophy is to say something about it, and I find it extremely endearing. She's loud, feisty, annoying, she drives me up the wall, but I like her like that. She's a good pup.
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Old 05-08-2012, 11:34 PM
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Desoto-He is fiercely loyal to his family. I know he would do everything in his power to protect me. He is the smartest and easiest to train dog I have ever owned and as reliable as can be. He is so intune with me he feels practically psychic some days.

By my side by Say It Aint SO!, on Flickr

Radar- He is so far from what people stereotype little dogs as. He is tough as nails and will hike longer and farther than the big guys. He had a horrible start in life and he has bounced back wonderfully. He is my go everywhere do everything dog, in short he is my little trooper

White by Say It Aint SO!, on Flickr

"A dog of uncanny brain and great loving loyal heart and with a dancing sense of fun, a dog with a soul."- Albert Payson Terhune (lad)
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Old 05-08-2012, 11:57 PM
Brattina88 Brattina88 is offline
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Maddie is my heart, she and I are connected on some level that I can't really explain or even understand. I can just look at her and she knows what I am thinking. When I am sad she knows if I need a cuddle or if I need a distraction. That's always perfect.
If I want to slip her out of the house without Bailey noticing all I have to do is look at her and think it, and then we do it. Its so awesome. Maddie has this confidence that I wish I had, she is very very smart, and very easy to train, social. I love clicker training with her, because she offers behaviors like crazy until we get the right one! She is very mold-able, and yet has her own distinct personality that will never change. She is friendly and bubbly, but loyal and does have that "cocker'tude" - oh man does she have the best facial expressions. You just look at her and know she'd be rolling her eyes lol

Bailey is not neccisarily the dog I wanted, but the dog I needed. Of course, I want her now lol. She has come a loooong way in the past year, and she has taught me a lot. Bailey is a lot like me in ways that I need to work on as well, when it comes to anxiety and being social and all that, she has been good for me and Maddie I love how FUNNY Bailey is, she has a weird sense of humor. Her noises are very entertaining, she talks and laughs woo woo lol
And I love how active she is, and it probably sounds weird but she sees stuff differently then I do and any other dog I've ever known does.

Maddie CGC .:. Cocker Spaniel .:. 13 y/o
Bailey CGC .:. Shetland Sheepdog .:. 6 y/o
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Old 05-09-2012, 02:31 AM
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Hobie- I love him for making me be the dog owner I am today. I love his silly little quirks and his happh face.

Red -I know she's gone but I need to include her. she was my heart dog, my everything. She got me through a few rough patches by being her. I loved every single little thing about her. I wonder every day why gone.....why her? I can only guess that someone else needed a best friend like her. I really miss my dog.

Judge - I love his drive. His personality and confidence. - love the way he plays and is so Sweet. How he can go from bitework to therapy dog in less than a minute. I love his face. He is the sweetest dog ever.

LoLa -I love that she is a clown that makes me laugh. I needed that -n my own personal clown.
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Old 05-09-2012, 11:26 PM
TainaPR TainaPR is offline
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I just love reading abou these amazing dogs I knew I wasnt the only one who thought the world of their dog!

Loving mom to 3 energetic boys and to Taina, the lively Weiner
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Old 05-10-2012, 12:11 AM
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I'm including my childhood family dog even though he is long gone. Buddy ruined me for any pet dogs. He was balls to the wall in everything he did. I would like another border collie all my own someday, but they will have some GINORMOUS shoes to fill. He could pull a sled, hunt bear with my dad, chew my legs when I wore snowpants (starting to see why I have mal fever here?) while we played together, put up with me "training" and grooming him, snuggle endlessly, run circles with me in our tiny yard for hours, and accompanied me to keep me safe when I wandered around the pasture. Such an awesome crackhead dog. He didn't slow down until he was like 12... and even then he got revved up when the 4wheeler started and it was time to go irrigate or feed. I will always miss my Bud man.

She's my everything. Getting her was the best decision I've ever made. She's literally as much a part of me as one of my arms and can read my mind. She's such a wonderful girl. I'm not sure words can even encompass how much this dog means to me.

Oh Scoutini, where to even start? I love how she was mine from the second she met me... it was I who needed convincing lol. I love how she will try anything for me, despite her baggage and generalized anxiety issues. I'm pretty sure she would literally walk through fire for me. Of course Lily would too, but the fact that Scout has to fight against her genetic fear to do it makes it remarkable. I'm proud of her for having that much trust in me and find it humbling how dogs give us that despite all our flaws and f'ups. I love her retarded grin and how she lays on top of me when we watch tv. I love how when we do a bitework session on the tug either at home or with the decoy, we both forget all her issues completely for that short amount of time. I love her horrible GSD barks and yodels even, lol.

I'm including the current family Border Crazie too, since I'm his favorite person after my stepdad. Will is the sweetest **** dog on the planet. He is overall just a peach. If he were to outlive my stepdad, I would offer to take him. Hopefully that doesn't happen, but yeah. I love when he flips around on his back like a happy otter, lol. And he always sticks right with me lately in the pasture when we hike while the other dogs roam and play.
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