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Old 04-29-2012, 04:55 PM
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Originally Posted by ~Tucker&Me~ View Post
Yeah, people suck sometimes
Originally Posted by Paige View Post
It does suck. At the very least if people want to breed dogs they should know how longa pup needs to stay with their mother.
Yes, the poor pups also the mother suffer stress

It is true what some people say that if the pups are taken before they have finished nursing the mother comes into heat more faster? I guess that is one of the reasons they do it :/

Forgot to mention the pups genders are one male and one female.

Originally Posted by Fran101 View Post
I hear this kind of stuff FAR TOO OFTEN.
"Oh but they are eating on their own"
people just don't know :/

until that little pup gets older and has ZERO bite inhibition or social skills.
Agree, the poor babies.. wit out learning what you described it must be more difficult for them to live and have relations wit other dogs and people.

Originally Posted by SarahHound View Post
That's really sad I know my Katy was away from her Mother around 5 weeks or earlier, and she was messed up for a long time, even now she's still not entirely like a normal puppy.
too bad, it must have being hard to train her.

Originally Posted by Grab View Post
It's really quite sad how people don't educate before breeding their pets.

As a completely unrelated aside, Pompadour's ears are fabulous in your sig!

For what we heard now the bitch's owner was just after quick bucks, it appears the pups have parasites too, they were taken yesterday to the vet I haven't heard how they are now.

Thanks for the comment on the ears, wit the raw meat plus his genes and the wrapping his ears are now huge! I wish his topknot could be big as well buy most of it fell from an allergy a few months ago, but he is now cured.

Originally Posted by BostonBanker View Post
Same with Gusto, although he got lucky and had his littermates with him, and great adult dogs to socialize with. I'm lucky the fostering situation he was in handled things so well.
Originally Posted by TainaPR View Post
Sadly here in Puerto Rico about 98% of the dogs I see in ads are 4-6 weeks old when being sold. I believe Taina is younger than her 'breeder' made her out to be, looking back I put her at about 6 weeks when we purchased her and not the 10 weeks the guy said she was.

Shes supposed to be 5 months old but I find her way too puppy like, and I believe she is just now starting to teeth. Its sad really, shes such a baby dont know why they'd take them from their mothers so young

Poor pups, I wish they could be a law tho prevent this in all countries, may someday in the future.
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