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Old 04-25-2012, 10:44 PM
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Default Advice re: church groups

Okay so I decided I need some more social life outside of dog training and work. So I decided to join a church with an active singles group. I found one I like but have run into a problem.... there's two groups and I don't fit in perfectly with either.

The first is called the 'transitions' group. The age is generally 21-25 with a few people a bit older or younger. I am 25 so older than most of the people. They're really great people, very welcoming, very active and fun. Some of the people are grad students, a couple undergrad, and some either didn't go to school, went to a 2 year program, or are out. Many still live with their parents or room mates and I feel like a lot of the time we're talking about exams and school. There's also the fact that they can hang out a lot later than I can and often meet at weird times for their service projects- like at 5:30 which is impossible with my hours and commute (and not to mention the dogs). I like them but it's hard to relate sometimes since I'm not in school, working full time, live by myself, etc. I just feel OLD around them lol. There's a couple people working full time 'career' jobs though so I'm not the only one but I'm in the vast minority.

The other group is called the 'young professionals' and they're generally in their 30s to older. There are a couple people in their late 20s there but most are older and early to mid thirties. They're generally all pretty established in their careers (I'm only out of school one year). Dont' seem as active as the first group but they do some things together. They also don't seem to do as many fun things like camping trips and such.

I've visited both groups and am just not sure which to continue going to. And it seems bad to me because I keep thinking that as much as I love the girls from the first group, the guys seem way too young for me. Now, I shouldn't choose a church group based on the potential of the boys, right? I'm at such an awkward place in my life. Especially because I am the youngest at work, everyone else is married or at least in a very committed relationship, and many have kids. So in that aspect I feel like maybe I'm just not used to being around people my age anymore. Most the people I hang out with are 28-34.

So... which one?

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