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Old 04-23-2012, 09:55 PM
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Default Morgan is freaking out. (vibes please)

I really don't know what is wrong. He's been off his game all day.

He's shaking like a leaf, panting, drooling, and just in general being EXTREMELY AFRAID of EVERYTHING.

At first I thought he was reacting to the baby monitor (it makes random interference noise now and again), but I'm really worried it's actually something else. The monitor has done this since day one, and this is the first time I've ever seen him even notice the noise.

I first noticed things were weird this afternoon. The baby monitor garbled, and suddenly Morgan was trying to climb into my lap while I was standing at the kitchen stove. Then he tried to climb onto the couch with Jon several times, even though he's never been allowed on the furniture. He's been standing up on his hind legs and pawing at the back door to go outside, something else he NEVER does. He's walking around the house in a cowering posture with his head down. Thinking back, I don't think he's slept all day.

It's so bad that he refused to eat his dinner this evening until I took the bowl outside to the patio.

His behavior is mostly normal when he's outside. He'll run and play like nothing is unusual. However, it's nearly impossible to get him to come back inside again, and the whole time he's in the house he just will not settle down. Right now he's just standing in his bed, panting and shaking, and every so often he'll go to the backdoor and paw at it again.

There really have only been two changes in the house since the weekend. Friday, we bought two containers of herbs and put them on the back patio. There is no evidence that he's gotten into them at all. On Saturday, we had to throw away one of his dog beds (he was turning around to lie down and it literally disintegrated into piles of shredded foam fluff as a seam on it popped). The bed hasn't been replaced, but after he started acting strange I brought his other bed down from the bedroom for him to lie on... which he isn't doing.

Luckily, his annual vet exam is already scheduled for tomorrow, so he's going to the vet regardless. This behavior is beyond bizarre and it's really, truly freaking me out. He's acting so strangely that I'm starting to get paranoid. Is he sick? Is there black mold in the house? Is his food tainted? Is there a evil sprit living in my walls? Have I somehow scarred him for life? What if he's never the same again???

In the meantime, I'm just trying to keep things chill. I don't know how well I'm actually succeeding, since I'm sure he can sense that now I'm also on edge right along with him. He's had moments of weird before, but never moments of nerve-wracking fear like's had today.

I just need some vibes that it will be okay. I'm really worried about my boy.
~ Cynthia ~
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