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Old 04-23-2012, 05:17 PM
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Talking No matter what the age, always be positive

Originally Posted by Fandogg View Post
How do you house break a dog with out yelling and screaming. I love positive reinforcement training not negative training. What's the propper way to do this?
In my experience, being negative never gets you anywhere. Using treats and praise with any size or age of dog is always a good start. You need to make a schedule and stick to it. Your puppy or adult dog will have to go out after each meal, after waking and during play/ exercise. If they happen to have an accident, clean it up and take them outside. If you manage to catch them in the act, scoop them up and take them outside. Scolding/ yelling and hitting them just makes them scared of you and they don't understand why you are being mean.
Crate training your puppy can help a lot with accidents. If you can't be directly supervising, in the crate they go.
Having a "potty spot" is also a way to help with potty training. Designate a place in your yard that is where you want him to go. Place feces there so that it smells like him. When you take him out to do his business, take him to "his spot". Soon he will put two and two together and realize, "wow, I must have to go to the bathroom" Every time he gets it right, give him a treat, tell him he is a good boy or give him a pat on the head.
Another trick is when you know he has to go,take him out to his spot and don't play until he goes. Once he goes, praise him, give him treats and play all you want.
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