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Old 04-16-2012, 04:06 PM
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Welp, Frodo and I went to work on some foundation skillz, and because I have no trainer to tell me what I'm doing wrong, I figure I had better take videos!

We worked on circle work. Not sure how big the circles are really supposed to be, but I think these were unessesarily large, lol. And I lost him to some smells, and a dropped treat.

I've been watching a bunch/reading a bunch from AgilityNerd, and this is how he recommends teaching front crosses on the flat. So we did some of that, and tighter circle work. I also threw from my opposite hand once when we were doing circles, and I think that would be incorrect because they should be focusing on the side/hand that they are on.

And because I'm so AWESOME (read: broke) and didn't want to buy expensive stuff at HomeDepot (read: measuring tape, drill) I made my own agility obstacle!

I'm treating it kinda like a NADAC Hooper, basically, go through it. If it doesn't work, meh.
At the beginning of the video I pulled out his tug, and while I was pleased that he did show some interest in it, it definitely wasn't OMG tug enough for me to keep it out. I need to go buy meatballs to stuff in it again, yuck.
Things I need to work on: I use the word "go" which I think most people in agility use for "take that obstacle up ahead" and not for when you're running alongside the dog, right? Wrong? Pancakes?
I didn't think of words in advance, and I can't STFU when I'm working with Frodo, so I need to figure out a word for it, if I want to use a word.
I need to improve my throwing skillz (though, Frodo's catch was freaking awesome, lol) and when I reinforce.
I tried to do a variety of things (work from both sides and do a lead out on it once), and I didn't think it was that bad concidering this was only his second time seeing HoopThang.
Then my rational brain said "He's having fun, end now! You did everything you planned!" and my I DO WHAT I WANT part of my brain said "MOAR THINGS NO PLANS!" and I just...did stuff.
I used the word "through" instead of "go" for optimal confusion, but I think he probably just tunes me out, it didn't seem to affect him. But yeah, I should probably stick more with plans.

Overall I didn't think it was bad for a lazy, 6 year old chubby monkey with a clueless handler.

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