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Old 11-20-2005, 12:42 PM
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This is not attacking the dog, this is just making yourself the dominant one. When I said to do an earpinch and I said to reach around behind the head to the opposite ear so that if the dog decides to take a bite, his head will turn out away from you.

If I were to attack the dog, I would probably do much worse. This is corrective. I you watch packs of dogs, usually the leader will discipline the pack members by using the pouncing method. The leader is not attacking is pack member but rather disciplining it. If it were an outright attack the leader/instigator would go right for the throat and take out a chunk.

An attack in my book woul be a hard blow, a harsh punishment for a small crime. Also shooting the dog, excessive use of the e-collar, calf-tying the dog (Ive seen some "trainers" do this so they can administer "discipline" usually a through beating.), also certain methods of debarking (pipe in trachea, wire around the muzzle).

I do not hit my dog, I do not use excessive punishment. The crime must ALWAYS fit the punishment, in my book biting is a felony offense thus must constitute a serious punishment.

Im not going to berate you or chastise you, again, everyone has different methods, you just have to find what works. And I do agree that there are outdated training methods still being used by certain trainers. Obviously Im not going to pin down a 2 month old puppy, but I will pin down an 8 month old, as they grow they learn what is acceptable and what isnt. By age 4-5 mos, I want them to know that biting is unacceptable, and by 5 mos, they know what is acceptable behavior wise.

What we dont allow in my house-
Jumping, (misdemeanor)
Excessive Barking,(misdemeanor)
Excessive whining,(misdemeanor)
digging,(felony -holes are hard to repair and make the yard look bad)
chewing on furniture(felony), chewing on dog toys is fine.
Urinating, pooping indoors.(misdemeanor - accidents can happen due to health problems)
growling, (felony)
command refusals,(misdemeanor)

any unwanted behavior is nipped in the bud. By age 5 mos, theyve learned whats acceptable.

I apologize to those who think my methods are bit harsh.

Good luck with Lily.

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